Posted by K on 06/04/2007

Hi Ted, My 20 year old horse has mange. I have tried ivermectin and many other recommended cures. NOTHING has worked.Will your Borax/hy prox recipe for dogs work on horses? Would the recipe be the same? Would the apple cider vinegar be a better choice for a horse then the hy prox?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Kay: There were a couple of human case of a mange after receiving it from a horse and it worked, so if it worked too. So since it works on dogs and humans, it will probably worked on horses. Do not try apple cider vinegar. The organic components of apple cider vinegar will neutralize the antibacterial effects of the peroxide, before it gets a chance to kill the harmful bacteria. Only hydrogen peroxide and borax solution. The concentration 1% is a standard solution with saturated borax. This causes the least skin irritation while harming the mites. Since horses are larger, the frequency of dose is doubled, such as twice a day, or at least once a day. No rinsing. So this may be the most discouraging part of the treatment. Disinfect the horse stables with borax and hydrogen peroxide solution is important. However in case of the solution be used for disinfection the peroxide solution for cleaning anyway should at least be doubled to 2%. Reinfection is a much more common the larger the animal, such as a horse. If at all possible for disinfection add a 2% epsom salt to it to kill other bacterial agents to. In case the horses accidentally eat them, it will cause them to be more resistant to bacteria. If the open sores are quite large - and they tend to be the larger the animal, and it does not close up after even with this remedy, then a honey and iodine solution applied to the open wound (add iodine enough for light brown or medium brown solution) and protect it with some cotton gauze. This remedy's been done since the Egyptian times, but without the iodine.