Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by David (Cebu, Philippines) on 01/24/2007

We moved to the PHilippines Sept2004. I had shipped the dogs via NWA 3 months earlier. When I got here the dogs had sores. The cockapoo's skin around its leg could have been pulled off to the bone. We brought the dog to 3 vets. They gave the dog shots for dry skin. After several shots nothing happened but the dogs right eye was cloudy and still is. The vet referred me to another vet and they gave it shots to counteract the shots originally given to no avail. So, now the dog can see, but its right eye is looks like the moon and tho it focuses, and can see aroudn the house, it can't see scraps of food. So, I read this article about borax and peroxide.

I had someone fly a box of borax from the states to the PHilippines as they don't carry borax in this country. I took a pinch (about a tablespoon) to about an 8oz bottle of water and added peroxide. The borax works in a spray bottle cause the fine grains of borax dissolve completely. On day 2, I was amazed that the dogs hair started growing back after no hair since late 2004. Then there's these white flakes coming off the dog. This is really amazing. Asia dogs are commonly full of mites, I guess that's what they are turning the skin red in a patch around an inch in diameter. Now I'm wondering if this will stop the ticks. The ticks in Asia lay a350 eggs that are transparent, so mopping the floor with borax and peroxide might stop them from hatching. In the Philippines the baby ticks climb the walls once they are big enough to see visually. So, yesterday someone flew in with a box and borax and less than 24 hours later, I'm seeing hair grow back on the dog and hoping it also kills the baby ticks. This is better than any vet's poisons. A cockapoo is a cross between two thorough breeds and I've thought it poor to have brouhgt the dog to Asia, but now I'm wondering if borax and peroxide will solve that too. Thanks a lot for the solution. It really is amazing after all the poisons and shots I've paid vet's for.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Mange and ticks are quite common in Asia. They lay eggs by the hundreds and dogs get reinfected all the time. In rare cases, they can be carriers of leprosy and humans get it and loose their fingers and toes. But this only occurs for people who sleep on floors, dirt and streets. Borax should be sprayed on the ground, streets and floor so they don't reinfect dogs and humans alike. Borax causes dehydration in eggs and ringworms and parasites alike won't reinfect the dogs if a small amount of borax is sprayed on the ground at least once a month. Of course, the borax formula needs work but I think keeping it simple will at least help people to start doing something about this instead of not doing it at all. The most common times where they do reinfect the dogs is after a rainy season, at least in Thailand anyway. Therefore after a rain, spraying borax will prevent such reinfection and reduce a great deal of suffering of dogs and humans alike.