Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Yoanna (Middlebury, VT) on 03/29/2007

My dog (only one of the two I have) got mange. I didn't have the money to take her to vet so I was pushed to searching for some home remedies. When I found this site and Ted's recipe with boraz and peroxide, I was determined to try it. It only cost under $5 and with the second day of treatment her hair started growing! I used water and peroxide 1 to 1 and put in more borax than what got dissolved in the water. After giving her a bath I would take a handful of the solution plus some borax that settled on the bottom of the solution and smear it onto her skin. She was white with the boraz powder which would stick to her hair. I would make her stand with this on in the bathroom up to 10 minutes and then let her quickly outside so she would not start licking it off, but sort of - get the frustration of it out of her system in the running around. I repeated it for three days and then once a week for two months. Her hair is all back now but a few small spots and that is going too. Now that the pet food recall has been on the newa, I think her problem may have been due to a lowered immune system due to eathng some of the recalled canned food. My other dog may hve not eaten it -- I buy them different kinds of dog caans and mix it with their dry food. Between the first three months of this year they most probably had a few cans of the poisoned food... I am now thinking of switching to dry food plus some meat from the store, will see how this goes. I have a question about the (home) environment around her that I had to treat -- I could not find tannic acid anywhere, I tried farm food stores, pet stores, home improvement stores etc. Finally I settled for a Lysol spray and some 'killer' spray that I got at the pet store with which they spray all the store at the end of the day. Can you recommend where to get tannic acid or another product that would be avaiable to buy just like borax and peroxide? Sincerely,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yoanna: It is interesting to know what goes into those food that is causing lowered immune system, because we humans are experiencing the same thing. What I do know is the chlorine and fluoride in UK drinking water for example is of no help.

Tannic acid is used by tanners, people who make leathers, shoes, for example are likely to be the one who have tannic acid. Now in event tannic acid is not available a borax solution can be sprayed for the home environment instead. This will prevent fungus too, which also tends to lower the immunity. My experience has been if the fungus count is high in the food, they tend to initiate h. pylori or even lowered immunity, besides the obvious sinus problems, breathing, and chronic fatigue.