Dissolving Borax in Peroxide

Posted by Bill (California) on 12/14/2007

Ted, Your mange treatment of borax and peroxide works on my airedales skin problem. I can't get the borax to dissolve in the peroxide, it cakes in the bottom of the glass container and I have to keep it stirred up, however it still works. Am I doing some thing wrong. Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Bill: Nothing wrong. This is done correctly. You keep it stirred to prevent cakes from forming and poured on the dog. Some cakes maybe stuck on the dog and I allow them so the cakes will continue to kill or at least prevent reinfection. Therefore please stir much like a cement mixer before pouring on the dog, where the bottom side I used the hand to allow the solution to reach or dipping on the dog. I prefer to pour on the dog. The most important areas that is problematic is the leg, bottom area, and the bottom throat area, ears, and the face. For the area of the face and the ear area the solution need not be stired that much since I won't like borax cakes to form on the dog's face, as it blocks their vision. Most skin problems are handled with the peroxide and borax, quite well even with mites, fleas too, not just the mange condition. There will be problems that does happen when mites, fleas, ticks form a large hive and continuously reinfect the dog that requires the dog quarantined in a clean environment that is a common problem I have encountered. This also required a stronger application using 3% H2O2 and borax in the premises to kill off the hives that seems to exist for a long time.
Sometimes I see fleas, mites and ticks lined up running into the house on the unsuspecting sleeping dogs. Domestic dog has a real problem compared to stray dogs because it allows time for these insects to travel and reinfect. Hence, spraying the premises over wide area and the lawns especially will help. For minor skin allergies and rashes, milk of magnesia works quite well and sometimes I used that, but dog's habitual licking at the area may lead to loose stool, but it is a good detox for the dog sometimes.