Toxicity of Sodium Perberate

Posted by T (CA) on 03/12/2008

that he purchased sodium perberate from an online chemical store and is wondering whether there is a toxic level for this. As he purchased it from a chemical supply, he believes it is concentrated. Is there a dilution that he should use?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sodium perborate toxicity is about that as of a salt. The concentration I used is about 2 tablespoonful of it in one liter of water. A sodium perborate has many names, such as sodium perborate hydrate. Usually it dissolves slowly and require some stirring, and the adding of it for external use is about that amount and applied to the dog before the thing becomes a precipitates. Cakes tend to form, but nicely if it is stuck on the dog's fur, it's effect on killing the mange will continue. Some hydrogen peroxide added can further helped too but it is one of my original formulas i still used for the dogs and I am still using it