Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Vicki (Dallas, Texas) on 02/02/2008

I am fostering a pit puppy that has demodetic mange on his face & tail. He came from a very bad situation (all 10 brothers & sisters but him & his big brother died from starvation & the cold). I had him a week & 2 days when I decided to try this remedy on him. They had been wormed a week before with only some OTC wormer, and I gave them 1st puppy shots at 7 weeks. Because of severe diarrhea, I took' the other one to an emergency vet- I thought it was possible parvo. The test was negative & I decided the mange needed to be dealt with as they already had enough problems. I bathed the affected puppy in the solution of 20 Mule Team Borax 1 TBS to about 16 oz. of old peroxide (about 1 1/2 or maybe 2 percent- all I had on hand). Puppy immediately went to sleep & slept 24 hours. I'd had to go to work & was not able to monitor him the next day. Husband was home and said he only slept, all day. On going out to check on them I saw he had depressed breathing and was showing very little sign of being able to wake up enough to drink or take food, and he was dehydrated. I looked up borate poisoning online and saw that there is no antidote and poisoning is accumalative as well. I saw that most poisoning cases are from ingesting it, but it is possible to be absorbed. I had not dried the puppy, but did wrap him in a towel after letting solution stay on for 10 minutes. Seeing the condition of the puppy scared me, as he was already very weak, despite being cared for properly for a week, so I shampooed him and attempted to rehydrate him with just water. After the first shampoo he did get up and move around some but still appeared disoriented and wobbly, and again lay down, so about an hour later I shampooed him again and syringe fed him orally with a product I keep on hand called vitamin water. The website that detailed borate poisoning said support measures were to rehydrate, administr oxygen and encourage elimination with laxatives. He had not ingested any and already had diarrhea, so instead of that, I used the guava vitamin water which states it naturally has caffeine. I also mixed a little in the water in their drinking bowl. It was not much and apparently did not hurt him, although they did stay up playing all night. I believe it actually helped his recovery from the poisoning by increasing respiration, elimination and activity. Pedialyte or Gatorade would have encouraged retention because of the sodium in them, so I did not use either one. The trip to the ER broke me, so I could not take him anywhere for oxygen. I did take him outside to the only green plants available this time of year for a while, and opened the window a little where they are staying. It appeared to help him get his breath. I urge anyone who uses the borax/peroxide solution to be careful of the age and health condition of the dog being treated. I would recommend using it only in affected spots if it is a severely debilitated animal. I intend to try again when the puppy is older and in better condition, and to make sure to use only a 1% peroxide soluation with the borax, plus perhaps only on visibly affected areas. Both puppies are doing well now, and the mange on the one seems to be much better, even though I had to wash it off after only 24 hours.

EC: The puppy's reaction sounds very similar to some of the reported side effects of pet vaccination shots. Please read all of the reader feedback on the Vaccination Side Effects page.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If a dog has mange, and vaccination is used, the mange will get much worse with a strong reaction and terrible side effects. This happens because the immune system is trying to fight off the invading live pathogens from the vaccines at the same time fighting off the mange. One interesting case concerns a stray dog that never had the mange, once the dog found an owner, the owner promptly got it vaccinated, and within a day the dog got a terrible mange, only to be put to sleep within a month. There is a long history of vaccinations of immunization drive in San Francisco and New York, Denver Colorado, etc. just only 6 months before an AIDS epidemic came out of "nowhere" on those targeted cities.

The interesting part about this free vaccination drives in the 1980s was it was targeted at homosexuals who were sexually active. It was the same with small pox vaccines drive just a year or two before an AIDS epidemic appeared just after that immunization. The funny thing is the non-participating countries on small pox immunization had no AIDS epidemic.

Hence using vaccination on dogs might also create new disease from possible mutations of the vaccines. The best way to deal with this is to take a bath for the dog with a 1% hydrogen peroxide to reduce the "reactions" as hydrogen peroxide kills most of these and adding some H2O2 such as 0.1% in the dog's water also helped, but won't entirely stop the adverse reaction.

Replied by Vicki
Dallas, TX

This is an update on the pit puppy that I'm fostering and who had no hair at all on his tail, and had spots on his face where the bumps were also from the demodetic mange. I'm happy to report that even though the solution was only left on for 24 hours, the mange eventually disappeared and his hair has gradually grown back. I did not have to use it again. It had been a week since the vaccinations were given before he was bathed with the borax & peroxide. Also I think perhaps I had mixed the solution a bit stronger that you recommend. As I pointed out, he and his brother were starved and near death when I got them, and the good food and vitamins probably helped their defenses once the solution had worked. Thanks!