Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Bet (Jakarta, Indonesia ) on 09/17/2009

hai ted and earth clinic..

my name is bet...i'm from indonesia.

it's very hard to find borax in indonesia. it was banned by the goverment...it's considered a harmful substance since many people used it for wrong reason.

after looking for almost 2 months, i got a 'black market supplier' for borax.

it is in a form of powder.

this man (the supplier) said that the powder is borax...but how i know if it is not boric acid...or it may not be borax after all.

he said that real borax will make greenish flame if burnt...is that true ? does boric acid also make greenish flame ?

i love my dog very much...you must have listen to that too many times.

he got ivermectin shots for 5 times in almost 3 months, and also i bathed him with amitraz for 3 times.

the demodex almost all gone, hair all grown, except on his face...it might be because i'm hesitate to apply amitraz on her face. i'm afraid it will do him harm than good.

i attached pictures of my dog, his name is borris. it was taken over time during demodex nightmare.

really need your help.

thank you.

Replied by Bet
Jakarta, Indonesia

After thinking over and over again...and asking a lot...and a lot more question to many different people...and of course to the guy who sold me the product and also to my connector to the guy...and these two guys in two different time and places assured me that the product is borax and not boric acid.

I want to send the product for testing in a lab...but, here in Indonesia, we are having ten days holiday for Idul Fitri.

And, finally, yesterday, I decided to start the treatment.

Happy to say, the result is good.

I tried on Borris' left leg...today, the colour is not so red anymore.

I am very sure this treatment is going to be a success.

Do you think I can apply aloe vera on the skin to promote hair growth ?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Beatrice:

A boric acid and borax can be identified easily by their pH. The boric acid the pH will be acid, while a borax pH is always alkaline. So if you have the pH litmus paper this will help. You can get around the problem in certain places by getting a detergent made from borax, or purchase if from a chemical supplier that carries borax, for agricultural use for example. If you happen to have friends who travel, other countries also carries borax.

In the event worse comes to worse a boric acidity maybe neutralized with alkaline substances such as potassium carbonate or sodium carbonate, until the pH becomes 8 or above. Then it is mixed with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. However, form your messenger posting, I see that you finally acquired it and it's working well for you. Frequency of application and no rinsing rule, plus pouring some solution in the places where the dog sleeps is critical to prevent reinfection. These bugs are pretty resilent lately. So it helps to rinse the premises of unused portion to prevent reinfection. Ideally daily application to the dog seems vital to prevent their coming back for at least a few weeks. The best thing about the borax is that it doesn't kill the dog, like the ivermectin. Even a dog shampoo I found that contains pyrethrins maybe toxic with the dog upon multiple application. The borax or boron is a essential mineral for mammals, but they are toxic for the insects and hence is a lot safer than most meds and doesn't kill the dog.


Replied by Bet
Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear Ted,

Actually, I've been applying my dog with borax solution every day for about 10 days.

I make my borax solution in small portion using 1 tbsp of H2O2 3% 2 tbsp of water 1 tsp of borax.

It's been great. All the red area has become black colour. However, I found that the skin become dry and 'thick'. Is it the time to stop applying the solution ?

After the solution...any medication or therapy to promote hair growth ?

I would say Ted's Borax solution is better than mitaban (we call it amitraz in Indonesia)...I saw how amitraz make my dog very sick after bathed.

Or maybe, the best...or simply, smarter way to fight demodex.

It is definitely a YEA.

Thank You Ted and Thank You Deirdre.