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Potash Raises Alkalinity

Posted by Royce Willard (Milburn, Oklahoma) on 03/13/2008

To Ted, I have allways noticed here where i live that when i build fires to burn brush and tree limbs that what ever ash is left behind is quickly consumed by livestock and wild animals especialy cows,but also deer wild hogs, and wolfs. Why so?You cant keep them away its as if they crave it. the cows will eat it down to the bare dirt. im talking piles of ashes 10 to 15 feet across and maybe 3 feet
deep' could potash raise alkalinity? Thank you Ted , you are a
great help to us , I love this website.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Royce: Animals basically evolved from animals in the oceans. Ocean's pH basically has a pH of 8. The ranges of pH of an ocean's water is between 7.5 to 9.0. Basically the fish and other sea animals live in this kind of an alkaline environment. Land animals has it worse, land pH basically goes from 5.0 to about 7.5, where average pH is about 6.5 (if you do farming you know) which is acid. Therefore I am sure that some of the most primitive needs of the animals are still etched in its evolutionary pattern. While our drinking water of us and the animals we feed them will usually be 7, our own blood disagrees and it's pH is always 7.35, which is more alkaline in nature. If I can achieve or animals can achieve an equilibrium where the food's pH is in balance with our body, my bet is that the drinking water's ideal pH should be more closer to our own blood, where the pH is 7.35. Thus an animal need to struggle in trying to get an alkalinity higher than what it eat' nearly every time. It seems therefore of no surprise that an animal will have second thoughts on consuming anything alkaline to save or preserve it's own blood pH. This is the reason why animals will eat potash of burned wood which are quite alkaline to at least save it's own blood from acid destruction. Also, it should be noted that the environment by which an animal grows is subjected to more disease and bacterial growth than sea animals and its resulting infection. The reason why the ocean's world is so sterile is basically two major factors: Salinity (mineral salts) and Alkalinity (pH of 8). Without these these two critical factors the fishes would die of a disease, if such environment that we live is less than neutral. Therefore, alkalinity provides at the very least, along with the salts from potash (mostly burned wood) with the exact things the land animals need like a natural antibiotics. So the alkalinity and the salinity is what gives the animal its ability to withstand diseases. And if someone thinks I am assuming all these, just get a deep sea water, or a deep sea salt (the sea salt especially for the fish acquarium) and try putting a small amount with of these mixed into ordinary water, where salinity is within normal use for most plant growth to get an isotonic solutions and within 6 months the plant growth will grow better. Perhaps it's the mineral salt, but these mineral salts has an alkaline biased where there is more of the alkaline in the left side of the periodic tables than the right side, while most antibiotics and chemical we humans use are the exact opposite, located to the right of the periodic table, mostly halogens and acid. This is the exact opposite of what nature has intended. I have seen a walnut tree double the size of a normal tree by just using some sea salt mixed with ordinary water. There is a lot of mysteries that an animals know, but they don't need to be taught like we humans do. And if we are taught, it might be disinformation from a corrupt FDA official, or the fact that Aspartame Society says Aspartame is safe. No animals will touch aspartame and will avoid aspartame as best as they can. Hence what the fake research did was to put aspartame in the center, and a food without aspartame in the surrounding dish and allow the animal to choose instinctively by not eating aspartame laden food and claim that aspartame is safe to get FDA's approval. Animals have a great instinct to know what is good for them. The only way to be in touch with ourself is to eat and know that it's good or bad for us. Some people do that by muscle testing, I simply do it by just observing the things I eat..