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Comments on Conductivity

Posted by Pat (UK) on 05/04/2006

I tested my urine with a conductivity meter and it gave me a reading ofabout 17.50 on a scale from 2-20milliSimens. Can this be correct? Spring water tested at 0.5, tap water at 1.0, and sodium bicarbonatesolution at about 65.0. Do these readings sound normal? Is it possible to have too low a conductivity reading? I also note that most of the feedback is about pH. Any more comments on conductivity?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Generally I am not too strict with conductivity as I am of pH because most of the problems are with getting pH to optimum. Ideally urinary conductivity should be around 15 to be ideal. A 17.50 means you don't drink enough water. However, in tropical climates, urinary conductivity tends to be very conductive, while cold weather tends to lower the conductivity as hot weather generally cause people to be somewhat dehydrated. The points where I worry the most is when conductivity is too low and this means electrolyte deficiency, or lack of mineral. Too conductive tends to be not drinking enough water. I find that if I drink a buffer solution to normalize my pH, for example, citric acid + baking soda + malic acid for example, that I tend to get dehydrated faster and need to drink more water as the buffer solution generally causes the body to sweat more and get rid of toxins from your body much quicker. So if you have more conductivity in your body, you need to drink more water than most other people necessary to balance out this issue.

Replied by John
Mae Rim, Chiang Mia

Hi Ted, Rheams recommends that a Conductivity reading of 7C ie around millisiemens yet you say that ideally, "urinary conductivity should be around 15 milisiemens (C=21) to be ideal." comments please