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Best Way to Take Vitamin C

Posted by David (San Jose) on 12/29/2006

Hello Ted, Just wanted to tell you I've been following your advice, and my health is improving. Thanks. I am also taking a lot of vitamin C (about 8 grams a day) and I buffer it with baking soda. I was wondering if you have any insights on the best way to take Vitamin C, and keep body-pH in the healthy range.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, vitamin C, if in sodium ascorbate form is 500 mg PLUS sodium bicarbonate 1/4 teaspoon twice a day is the minimum on an empty stomach. Take plenty of water. My dosage is alas, is often on the low side, but still quite effective, but will have a minimum of problems. This is not taken everyday, but usually the range is between 3 days to 5 days out of a week.

It MUST BE NOTED that people taking oil pulling who have "healing crisis" is often due to several issues such as the need to add peppermint oil, the need to alkalize more and the need for lecithin in the diet. If those who DO NOT HAVE such healing crisis it means his bodily functions on bicarbonate level, ability to rid of fats, and bacterial/viral toxin overload are minimal. One way to test whether this is a problem is to do oil pulling WITHOUT the sodium ascorbate and baking soda (or lemon + baking soda, or acv + baking soda).

There are exceptions such as extreme sickness, as in cancer, for example, which must be taken at least 21 days straight needed to reverse the cancer.

There is a story of the late Carey Reams who cured 10,000 people of cancer just using lemon juice only. Of course, I hate to disagree with him on that since I have the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and lemon MUST be added to the baking soda. Of course, Dr. Carey Reams did experience a lot of people with side effects from his remedy, since he called for more stringent fasting as well as pure lemon. This can take a toll on cancer patients during the healing crisis. Mine has almost none, mine can also use apple cider vinegar and baking soda too.

Dr. Carey Reams did make several mistakes in his treatment also such as the use of calcium for alkalization, instead of baking soda, and the use of magnesium. The importance of mammalian solution or ringer's solution and other technical things that is beyond this discussion.