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High Alkaline Ph

Posted by Michelle (Sweet Home, OR) on 12/02/2006

I have been experiencing very high alkaline ph (8.0) Can you tell me the best way to treat this. It seems that my muscles get very achy when I am too alkaline. I have tried taking 1-2 tsp. of ascorbic acid and that helps.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Michelle: Yes ascorbic acid helps increase the body's acidity as it is acid forming, while sodium ascorbate is alkaline forming. Y

ou seem to have a very unusual diet or contaminant. Basically the food is lacking in acid forming food, such as lack of chloride, iodine, bromine, sulfates, for example. While your diet may be too much of the alkaline forming food very high in sodium, magnesium, calcium and other similar metals. In some cases certain heavy metals of alkaline forming metals are involved, so it could also be a contaminant.

So the easiest thing I can imagine in your case is to eat bread, do iodine painting, and eat sulfur rich foods. Iodine and bromine for example are generally acid forming. Taking chlorides, such as salt are generally acid forming especially the common table salt. Assuming of course that the urinary pH is alkaline. But if it is too much phosphates the opposite might occur to cause alkaline mouth conditions. This is why the need to check both figures. Some minerals that may stabilize the pH includes molybdenum which may help.

But before jumping to conclusions it is best to get an electronic pH meter just to be sure and check both urinary pH and salivary pH. The pH paper is quite often off and tends to go on the alkaline. Generally for muscles and aches, eating sunflower seeds might do it and maybe just the pH paper is off. So trying a simple sunflower seeds is one easy way to test.

Replied by AprilRain
cleveland, ohio,usa

Ted, I've been reading alot of your post for the last couple months & i appreciate your holistic approach to finding ways to be healthy naturally. Six weeks ago I broke 3 my fingers & got 2 very deep cuts on 2 of the broken fingers all the way down to my bones from a very sharp metal garage door chain. The same day i got a tetanus shot. Then about 3 weeks after I started having mild chest tightness on my right side off & on. Then eventually through out the 3 weeks the chest pain started being more often & started to be on the left side also with sudden sharp pains only on the left side. Then the last 2 weeks my neck would ache along with a headache. Now the last week my jaw started to ache along with muscle spasms in my feet & other minor muscle spasms in other places. I've been to the E.R. twice in the last week & to the top female cardiologists at cleveland clinic. All these docotor's ran all kind blood test, ekg's, xrays, echocardiogram & they all don't believe the chest pain to be a heart problem. I then started to think maybe I had tetanus since the doctor's don't think it's my heart & now that i started having muscle spasms in alot other parts of my body. The last E.R. i went to checked my blood count & said my white count was normal. They also checked my electroyltes & lactic acid & said they were fine but my blood calcium was 10.6. Also my potassium was mildly low. For the last 3 months I've changed my diet to a very alkaline diet of manily veggies & fruits & drinking mainly lots of dis- stilled water with squirts of lime or lemon juice. Also eating a little meat. I've went from 127lbs to 113 lbs within the last 3 months. I was not trying to loose weight. Every time I do a urine PH test since changing my diet my urine is almost always above 7 very alkaline. I haven't tested it in the last month. I think my body is being to alkaline because i never felt like this or had this problem before when i was drinking a acidity diet before. I also was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency 3 months ago @28 but i brought it up within 10 weeks to 51.6. Also the cardiologists said my glucose was mildly high. What can I do to help my body not to be so alkaline? Also help lower my glucose? I was doing the B.S. 1/4 tsp & 2 tbl lemon off & on for the last month or 2 but i'm not sure if i should because I read it may make me more alkaline at this point. Can you give me some advice on what I should do to improve my condition?