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Relation Between Temperature and Ph

Posted by Terry on 05/07/2005

Hi Ted, today i purchased a cheap $40 Hansa pH pocket meter the man in the shop calibrated it for me and also gave me buffer solution. when i got home i began to play with it .. i put it on a glass of distilled water and what i saw strange was it started at 6.8 and then began to slowly drop 6.7 ... 6.6 ... after two minutes it was 5.8 .. 5.7 etc. i thought something was wrong so i put it in buffer solution and it was stable 7.0 .. but after a minute it drop to 6.9 and then went back to 7.0 a few seconds later. i then ... thought ok i will try another glass of distilled water ... again it did the same thing ... it started at 6.8 and then began to slowly drop 6.7 ... 6.6 ... after two minutes it was 5.8 .. 5.7 etc why does pure water pH behave this way ? or is somethign faulty with the pH meter ? the only thought i had was temperature ?? as the probe got colder/warmer it changed pH ?? Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Your Hanna pH meter works very well! Very few people know that distilled water absorbs carbon dioxide very well as there this kind of water does not have buffers. Most natural springs water are very high in buffers. Buffers are usually sodium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate. In most mineral springs water they are referred to as just "buffers". As a result the water's pH remains stable. So if you leave out your distilled water long enough the water will be acidic.

So if you want to continue drinking distilled water with adequate "buffers" you may need to sprinkle some magnesium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate to stabilize the distilled water.

People who sell distilled water do not tell people this fact. Distilled water absorbs a great deal of CO2 to form what is known as carbonic acid. And their pH is around 5.5 which is by the way similar to average unhealthy urine. The reason for unhealthy urine is not the distilled water per se, but this problem exists what is known in biochemistry (back door people) as "bicarbonate deficiency".

I have no objections about people taking distilled water if they try to maintain their Urinary pH at 6.5 by alkalizing their body with sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate. The most common components used in alkalizing your body is sodium bicarbonate. However, I prefer both sodium and potassium bicarbonate whenever I had the time to mix my own drinking water.

Yes, you get mineral from the food we eat but you need to supplement yourself with fulvic/humic acid to allow your intestinal flora to absorb mineral from the food we eat on a regular basis also. However, it IS NECESSARY that you add a couple of drops of sodium thiosulfate, fulvic acid/humic acid, as well some pinch of sodium bicarbonate to stabilize your water and aid in mineral absorption. Of course, you can also add them in your food and get the same effect.

It is sad that in today's society that many practical knowledge are not taught in schools and even the internet don't even provide much information on this matter. I still don't know what is wrong, which is why I now do my own experiments