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Asking for Comment on Antioxidant Activity

Posted by Don (Perth, Western Australia) on 11/06/2006

Hi Ted, thanks for your many interesting and informative comments. I've been teaching myself slowly about the difficult subject of antioxidant and hydrogen-rich water, and your ideas on that have helped me a lot. I'm trying to avoid the need for electrolysis, you see. The hydrogen bubbling method looks really promising, but Vinny Pinto on his website says that such hydrogen bubbled water, while it does have a high negative ORP, does not have any antioxidant activity. Could you comment on this, please? I've looked into ways of testing antioxidant activity of water but it seems to be complex and beyond kitchen chemistry. Thanks for your work and time, regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Don Smith: Hydrogen rich does have antioxidant power. Many people assume hydrogen is H2 which has no charge. But in practice H2 in electrolysis actually have unbound charged negative electricity. This is shown when you have an ORP meter. In fact in agriculture we manipulate ORP values by adding hydrogen or oxygen to optimized plant growth by manipulating the water properties needed to kill aerobic bacteria.

This real fact is lost. In a science high school projects students were asked to measure antioxidant power of an aromatherapy oil. The project is simple, they just added them to a food and see how it would spoil.

The spoiling occurs because the food takes up oxygen (an hence oxidation) and this can be measured too. So in hydrogen rich water, the hydrogen will react with an unbound oxygen to form a hydroxyl compound, thus reducing the amount of oxygen, or dissolve oxygen.

If a dead animal is placed in a hydrogen rich water, it will spoil much slower than a dead animal placed in normal water, due to the lack of oxygen. We are just measuring aerobic bacteria here, so therefore the less the free radical or dissolved oxygen the better the antioxidation.

A more complicated means of stopping oxidation, is to use hydrogen rich compounds in hot water heater, which we refer to hydrazine hydrate. This too is an antioxidant and will protect the hot water boiler heater against rust, and hence prevent such explosion. While hydrazine hydrate are more like a super active form of ammonia, while it is a hydrogen rich compound is also toxic, because of the ammonium components. Some antioxidants are relatively safe such as hydrogen gas dissolved in water, but people don't like to believe in this because of its simplicity and it hurts the sales of the more expensive devices. Therefore a lot of misinformation is abound, whatever you say, it is a well known fact that wound healing is greatly accelerated in presence of hydrogen gas or hydrogen rich water.