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Posted by Debbie on 07/21/2007

Hi Ted!! Thanks so much for all your feedback on Earthclinic! You are helping a lot of people out! Where in Thailand are you? We were there OCT 2006....via Bangkok 2 nights to Phuket for 5 days...LOVED IT.. SO I followed your instruction at: The key issue appears to be iodine and baking soda.

However the best ones that is most helpful appears to be a formula that removes metals, neutralize the acid, and provides alkalizing mineral to the body. That formula that works best for this besides the gluten issue is apple cider vinegar + baking soda + lime juice. To mix a right quantity, therefore 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar + one whole lime + add enough baking soda until the fizz stops, then add water to 1/2 glass at least, or preferably 1 whole glass.

I know from being in Thailand they call lemons there limes....did you mean American lemon or lime? I used lime. And about HOW much baking soda??? I think i must've poured like 1 tsp??? It tastes AWFUL though...can barely get it down?!! ugh! its hard to tell when it stop fizzing though.I don't have Celiac...but found it for hemorrhoids. I just got my first one... You never said it would act like a laxative though?? Although i read your Ringer's?? solution about constipation taking salt and b.soda....i think in the edema page?? so i guess this is similar?? Can i just do ACV w/just 1/4 tsp b.soda? Will that make me alkaline? THe one above i cannot drink it?!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A baking and iodine might be used for mouthwash. But for general remedy mentioned the lemon and baking soda or the ACV and baking soda will work better. In Thailand lemons are never sold, there is only lime and are called lemon. As a result, I had to be more specific since the lemon in U.S. are quite large.

Therefore, a whole lime or lemon as they are called here in Thailand I have narrowed the meaning to be either lemon or lime, provided that it is 8 teaspoon of the juice, preferably lime (as it has more vitamin c). Now in Thailand a whole lime has approximately 8 teaspoon of juice and the addition of baking soda is 1/2 teaspoon only. A whole teaspoon is too much and may cause diarrhea. If taken the second time it is too alkalzing for the body since sometimes it can't process that much.

A vitamin C increases the body's ability to utilize copper and helps manganese absorption. Vitamin B is used along with the remedy also. But at the time I was taking it most of the effects of disappearing gray hair came from vitamin C. I should know since some people here followed this suggestion and worked. It helps to add vitamin B complex and in Thailand, most of the water contaminants is high in copper so vitamin C were helpful. Black strap molasses works too because it is high in manganese and copper as well. Other more well known remedies for darkening the hair through vitamin Bs such as PABA (paraminobenzoic acid) is what may have helped. The reason I knew it was the vitamin C when I had gray hair (and I'm now 48 and had white and gray hair when 36) I knew that part of the problem of gray hair is due to the body's lack of nitric oxide, which vitamin C can increase. I also observed that old dogs, hardly have gray hairs, and it's their liver that can produce vitamin C. Based on a couple of those observations I began taking vitamin C 1000 mg (ascorbic + ascorbate) for 3 months. My barber first mentioned a huge amount of gray hair during my early 40s and I decided to do this experiment on myself for 3 months since this idea was in the back drawer since my early 20s about this idea. So on the third month, I came to the same barber and was surprised to noticed that I don't have any gray and white hairs left. That's how I knew vitamin C was important for the body to utilize copper, manganese absorption, reduce free radicals, that may have resulted in my white hair and a couple of people here. However, some modification of those remedy is needed to increase copper and manganese may be needed, not just the vitamin B complex.

The reason in why in your second dose that caused a loose stool is simple. Once the body has too much alkalinity the body will dump the excess of those by the intestines, resulting in a loose stool. Apparently the body (at least for some) cannot process 2 teaspoon of alkalinity. My own experience is the maximum amount of bicarbonates (non-exercisiing, non athletic) for normal people is about 1 teaspoon per day broken down into two time frames of 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. However, some more sensitive people, that would be about 1/4 teaspoon.

There is a trick on preventing diarrhea by increasing the dilutions with water if more bicarbonates are taken. So if it was in 1 liter of water (2 teaspoon), such diarrhea would not happen since the bicarbonates is fed over slowly over the course of a day. However this is not the kind of remedy I recommend but only for some whose body needs to detoxify might be more ideal.