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Posted by Darrel on 09/13/2006

Balance pH Levels, Before i found this site, i went on the master cleanser fast to alkanize the body lemon juice cayenne pepper maple syrup and water What's your opinion on fasts like these. Also I went and bought a water alkanizer and am drinking the water at a p.h of 10. What your opinion on water alkanizers and do you think i would still need the baking soda to alkanize? thanks'

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Maple syrup does not exactly cleanse your body as the body have too much sugar as it is. Black strap molasses might be a better substitute for maple syrup, but still sugar is a problem still. If I were to formulate some master cleanser, briefly:

vinegar, (because it detoxifies most chemical poisons)

hydrogen peroxide (a couple of drops, same reason as above, but it does it differently)

lemon juice (most citric acid chelates heavy metals and reduce inflammation)

cayenne pepper, (increases circulation and thus removes toxins from poorly circulate areas)

peppermint oil, (common digestive aids and clears the digestive toxins)

rosemary oil, (common antioxidants and prevent food spoilage and toxin buildup in your intestines)

chinese parsley (chelates heavy metal out of your body. Most people have way too much heavy metals anyway, including me!) The above should be consider more of a master cleanse then your master cleanse. It doesn't include everything.

Also I went and bought a water alkanizer and am drinking the water at a p.h of 10.

Moderation is best, pH in the long run should be 7, but 10 is o.k. for short term detoxification purposes.

Water alkalizers (ionic water) are reduced hydrogen or hydrogen rich water. They are generally good, but long term drinking of several years could be a real problem. I have had one japanese long term user who complained to me about kidney stones. Certain stones build up in acid, certain stones build up in alkaline. The best I can say is take it in moderation.

I have no way to know how good your alkalizers is. The real secret to the healing powers of alkalizers don't come from that electrolytic separation as much as the hydrogen which is responsible for the negative ORP (oxidation reduction potentials). You can measure the quality by getting a pocket ORP meters. I have it and measure them all the time.

You can use a fish bubbler and use hydrogen gas and get the same healing effect. Nearly all healing water, sacred water, have a strongly negative ORP. They are found all over the world in many healing springs from Mexico to Germany.

Of course, you can also get the same effect, and even better then alkalizers (longer lasting) by simply adding vitamin C ascorbic acid with baking soda. The ORP readings can easily reach -200 as almost the same as most alkalizers, or ionic water, or kangen waters, or microwater, and so many names these marketers dream of. But they are nevertheless the same as Microhydrin or Megahydrin also. All of them telling slightly different stories to the same basic principles: reduce hydrogen. It has been known for ages that hydrogen gas presence speeds up healing and reduce body's excess blood sugar as well as the soapy effect reduces the body's blood pressure and fatty liver problems. The negative hydrogen also detoxifies certain chemical toxins to a safer chemical compounds inside the body.

Again, alkalizers produces an imbalance of your mineral by pulling in certain minerals on the cathode end.

To use a mineral water with a good balance mineral and bubbling with hydrogen gas to produced a reduced water, with a negative -600 plus some nice buffer would be a more reasonable move. At least you get all the mineral you need and not just certain kinds of minerals attracted to one end!

Also it is NOT the amount of negative ORP that is responsible for your health, although this helps. It is the Relative Hydrogen or rH or rH2 that matters.

The problem about this is you can detoxify your body two ways. By oxygen or by hydrogen. Not all toxins are created equal. Some can be detoxified with reduce hydrogen, some can be detoxified by ozone or hydrogen peroxide.

By hydrogen you use alkalizers, or you use a simple hydrogen bubbling system.

People with low budget like me buy a vitamin C and sodium bicarbonate to get a negative -250 millivolts ORP reading.

The most negative ORP using non toxic easy to obtain chemical means without an electronic means is magnesium hydroxide plus vitamin C which stands at negative ORP of -300 millivolts.

The advantage seen of using chemical means is that the negative ORP (which means excess electrons and thus a free radical scavenger and of course a super antioxidant) often will be much more stable and lasts in your body much longer than an electronic means. This is because hydrogen gas are volatile and don't lasts in the water long. Chemical means will cause your body's antioxidant level to be that level for about two days instead of a couple of hours using the alkalizers.

What your opinion on water alkanizers and do you think i would still need the baking soda to alkanize?

The alkalizer will not give your body the sufficient amount of bicarbonates your body needs to neutralize the pH in a narrow region of your blood at 7.35. A slight change of just plus or minus pH of 0.5 can just kill you or make you sick if the figure is much less than this.

The alkalizer does not provide a fair balance of mineral. These are some of the things marketers just conveniently forget to mention when selling their products.