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Questions About Buying an Orp Meter

Posted by ST on 09/04/2007

HI TED: I want to buy a ORP meter. Should I buy one which measures both PH and ORP or just one which measures ORP would suffice? I read that PH is inversly proportional to ORP. Low PH (acidic) would mean high ORP and high PH(alkaline) would mean low(-ve) ORP.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I would get both pH and ORP being better. In general, the pH is most important, ORP basically does go inverse but not everytime whenever the body's antioxidant level is low from long distance car travel, submarine, truck driving, and flying which leads the jet lag, where the cure is obviously you need to manipulate the ORP to a stronger negative level. Working night shifts can really destroy negative ORP since people are working in direct opposite of the body's circadium rhythms also. The ORP is serious whenever deep vein thrombosis, economy class syndrome occurs also. This is where vitamin C sodium ascorbate, apple cider vinegar and baking soda, or even the lemon and baking soda come in. Of course, the airline people aren't aware of this fact, but then neither do people who travels in ships, submarines, planes, trains or automobiles as they tend to acquire a large amount of positive charges. Ted