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Posted by Scott on 11/05/2007

Ted, If you could add a comment or two about my PH level in your next email answering the questions I asked it would be greatly appreciated (whenever you get a chance)... I just took my PH for the first time ever using a digital PH meter.... My Urinary PH was 6.55 My Syliva PH was 7.00 Any suggestions/comments on this reading, is this good or bad? Does it perhaps represent a mineral deficiency? I had my doctor order me a "hair analysis" test to send to Genova Labs (very accurate, widely used lab here) to test for minerals because I am curious to know how it will turn out... Thanks Again.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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When using pH meter be sure to calibrate. Generally if you are not well, higher standard of getting urinary pH to near 7, would be preferred such as 6.9 to 7.5 because it is the pH in which my experience have taught me it causes the body to heal and rest. Interestingly people with hair problems often have manganese, lithium, magnesium, zinc, iodine and sometimes copper. Although this list is no means complete. One case is quite interesting, the hair has high uranium which led to the hair loss. I sure would like to know how come more and more Americans are getting so much uranium in hair samples. I thought all those uranium were just confined to the war with Iraq in which depleted Uranium is used by U.S. soldiers.

Replied by Pamm
Birmingham, Al

I have been having problems with my ph and electrolyte imbalance and I came across this web-site that explains in depth about ph imbalance and metabolism acidic/imbalance and it is very helpful to read. It helped me understand alot. That your urine can be acidic but your blood will be alkalined and visa versa, so read it. I was using baking soda and lemon to raise my ph and at first it helped but after second day I was feeling bad and realized the baking soda depletes minerals out of your body and because I have Addison's disease (low cortisol) it worsened my situation by depleting my potassium levels causing me to become very sick. So be careful with certain things and do your research before hand. The best way to RAISE PH is to eat healthy everyday. And cut out caffeine and sugar.