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Correct Amount of Clove Oil and Brewers Yeast with B3

Posted by Tom (La Mesa) on 06/28/2006

Ted I have purchased the clove oil and the brewers yeast. Could you please explain what amounts that should be taken with the B3. Should these be taken with food or on an empty stomach? In the morning or through out the day?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Tom: To control your blood sugar brix to normal and thereby controlling pH when the sugar level is low, you can take B3, clove oil and brewer's yeast along with food. Best times to take B3 is usually in the morning or early afternoon. Your blood sugar tends to be highest much later in the day such as late afternoon or evening, so taking earlier may be helpful to prevent blood sugar variations later in the day or evening. Take only a reasonable dose. I prefer to take B3 with food, but it is not an absolute requirement to take brewers yeast and clove oil with food or empty stomach. It seems that B3 is best absorbed when taken along with food, but brewers yeast and clove oil can be taken anytime. Most westerners have problems taking clove oil directly, a milder approach is to dip toothpick into the clove oil and put the toothpick in the cup of warm water and drink from that. It won't taste hot and you will feel it uplifting.