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Orp of Urine Negative

Posted by Hasan (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 08/04/2006

I read your article on urine's ORP & conductivity. ORP of my urine is always negative, it remains between minus 30 to minus 120 mV. How you can predict my health on this?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Hasan: Simply ORP measures your antioxidant status, whether your are in oxidation status (lacking in surplus electrons) if your ORP is near zero or positive (which is dangeous), or in the safe zone near -100 ORP. If your urine is near zero or dangerously positive, it tells you that you need to take your antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, etc. I have found the best ways to get ORP in a negative where you have surplus electrons (antioxidant status prevents heart disease, aging, bacteria, pathogens, chemical toxins, cancer, etc), is to take vitamin C + baking soda + magnesium citrate. These three are critical to maintaing good negative ORP.

The urine will immediately go negative. One useful, ORP is that it may be predictive of a potential health problems whenver it reaches positive value and by avoiding this you can avert a major sickness also.

I have seen one person who told me his ORP is always positive and he sees no used in such a device. He felt great. A month or so later, I heard news that he died from a heart attack.

It must be remembered that when measuring ORP that the figures must stabilized and usually, I wait usually 30 minutes to take the readings as being the standard. A more accurate figure would be one hour, but 30 minutes usually the best median figure. If you take the readings of only 5 minutes, or 15, ORP figures could fluctuate and numbers are not stable. Just make sure to take readings after 30 minutes and make sure the probe are adequately cleaned and stored in a KCl solution to protect against oxidation. Otherwise, the figures will not be accurate.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Hasan: One more thing, this is not official numbers, but I have my own gauge that I personally measure. Here how it goes, just remember this is based on my experience and the values are subjected to change (antioxidant level):

ORP levels and health (non-standard and arbitrary levels and also subjected to change)

Positive figures Dangerous!
0 to -49 Fairly Unhealthy
-50 to -99 Not so healthy
-100 to -124 Average
-125 to -149 Good
-150 to -175 Healthy
-175 up Excellent

This is a fairly, arbitrary system. Anytime it goes below -100, I always start up on taking the antioxidants, baking soda, magnesium, vitamin C, and other things. Alpha lipoic acid will also quickly get the numbers up to par within a matter of hours too. My ORP is currently -175, as of today (15 minutes of reading only, don't have enough time to wait 30 minutes). And just to think, I haven't taken care of myself for several days now. Therefore the figures you see here for the grading scales are somewhat on the optimistic side. Ted

P.S. In case you are wondering what my ORP is, mine usually averages over -200. Today's reading August 6, 2006 (almost 30 minute -actually it is 20 minutes) is -210. If 30 minutes figures usually go lower, so I guess it is closer to -220 or -230. Gives a fairly good prediction of how resistant to disease you are by measuring this antioxidant level.