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Different Kinds of Water

Posted by Jean (Franklin, WI) on 06/17/2006

I've been reading some of these pages and am very confused on a couple of things. What exactly are electrolytes, microwater, energized water, and I think there was some other similar term for water? What's the difference between them? What do we need to make these different kinds of water? How do we know when we need them? I've seen these terms or similar ones in so many places, but never an explanation of what they are or how to get them, or IF we can make them ourselves.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jean:

Yes, I have the same problem myself, about microwater, vortex water, etc. The point in those websites is to make you buy their products, by convincing that you need it, but it is vague in theory so you cannot make them yourself, and you can only buy it from them! Therefore the last thing they will want you to know is how to make them.

I don't want to get into a long discussion and will make it brief.

Electrolytes are simply natural salts in your body that exists in equilibrium. Usually it will refer to something close to your body's plasma or extracellular fluids. They MUST be in balanced otherwise you can get sick pretty quick. Mostly, your fluids will consist of in the order of amount, which is salt(sodium chloride), sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, potassium citrate, and phosphates (e.g. potassium phosphates). Your body will always need a certain amounts of bicarbonates, citrates, chloride, and phosphates. Our diets are usually high in chloride, but not enough of the bicarbonates, citrates and usually lacking in magnesium and sometimes potassium. Your body will always need these salts in balance as well as pH. Hence the common recommendation for me to recommend sodium bicarbonate + citric acid, with a slight pinch of magnesium and potassium now and then. It is done to achieve a balance on your electrolytes. Without proper electrolytes, you cannot remove wastes, and people do get heart attack without sufficient potassium, for example, such as the case of my own father.

Microwater: When water is subjected to electrical current, certain minerals will go to anode and certain minerals will go to cathode. So the idea of microwater is nothing but a device that will separate certain electrolytes (salts) and mineral on certain polarity of electricity. In other words, it is much simpler if you just add your own electrolytes without the necessity of buying expensive equipment as recommended in the above.

Energized Water: Simply when a water is subjected to a very tiny spark of electrical current (such as a 1.5 volt battery for example), academic research has shown that the molecular water clusters tend to break into small pieces making the water more easily assimilated by the cells. I can easily prove this using bean sprouts experiments. This is the one area that the websites trying to sell microwater don't want to mention it. Actually energized water is subjected to tiny electricity necessary to break water into smaller components without the necessity of separating certain electrolytes and salts on electrical polarity. So basically microwater is simply energized water and electrolyte adjusted and pH separated.

Now here is my criticism of microwater: the water you are drinking tends to be too alkaline without sufficient buffer. The electrolyte water I am recommending has both sufficient buffer and alkalinity necessary. I once had someone years ago emailed and complaining about his health problems. He lived in Japan, where microwater is popular, but unfortunately he was suffering from bouts of diarrhea and muscle weakness. Upon inquiry, his urine turns out to be too alkaline and diarrhea is due to too much alkalinity. When this occurs, your body looses a LOT of valuable electrolytes that is not only LACKING in pH, improper buffer, etc. The cure was simple: stop drinking microwater and start with baking soda + citric acid, and add some potassium and magnesium, to the mix. His condition was gone within days.

I think there was some other similar term for water?
As explained they are similar, but very different when applied to your own health.

What do we need to make these different kinds of water?
Simple just add sodium bicarbonate + citric acid 1/4 teaspoon of each taken twice a day on an empty stomach once in the morning and once again before going to sleep. A pinch of magnesium chloride (or citrate) and potassium bicarbonate (or citrate) will really help. And here is a clincher: after taking it for a month, your skin will noticeably improve by being clearer, and people will complement on your face. If you want the water to be "energized" then just get an electrical spark where you do the mixing onto a stainless steel container using a 1.5 volt battery. I am lazy, so I use a 50,000 volt zapper.

How do we know when we need them?
If you get sick often, then there is a good likelihood. If you are already sick, you will likely need it. If you are not in your best of health, you probably need it. If your urinary pH is below 6.0 (bad Western diet) or way above 7.4 (as in the case of a long term user of microwater). YOU need to take electrolyte water to get your body to optimum or equilibrium. If it is not within these parameters, you will get all kinds of sickness. Getting sick easily, the very basic of everything is imbalance of electrolytes (salt, bicarbonate, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorous). I don't usually recommend calcium as most Western diets have way too much as it is, and this is why I left it out in the electrolyte solution.