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Question on Citric Acid and Baking Soda

Posted by Teri on 11/20/2006

Hello Ted, I tried citric acid and baking soda for about a week before I stopped because I felt weaker and exhausted. But I am not sure if they are related or just a coincidence. I am forty years old and feeling mostly tired for about 15 years. I did master cleanse ( maple & lemonade fast) for 10 days in 2001. After the fast my health deteriorated and I never recovered. I started to have leg pains at night since. I am taking multi-vit/mineral ( NSI Synergy Basic Multi-Vitamin), it is helping a little. But if I don't take them for about a week, I feel so much worse, feeling drained during the day, unable to sleep at night. Recently I started to have problems with my arms too. Two three hours after I sleep, I wake up because of heavy dull feeling /pain in my legs and arms, sometmes feel as if my blood gets thicker and expands and hardly move thru the veins. I ve seen several doctors with no help. Two years ago I used ACV and felt worse after a week and stopped it. This time after reading the ph balance issue on Earth Clinic website, I tried baking soda and citric acid hoping it would help, it helped first, I slept better for about a week and started to think it was working, but did not last long. My blood pressure is normal (low side). I don't know what is causing all these, is it poor circulation or acidity or electrolyte imbalance? I tried so many things to improve my health and nothing worked. I must be doing it wrong. I appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Teri: You did the right thing, only you did it too long. The body needs a rest period. For some people they do report ups and downs using baking soda or even baking soda plus citric acid. The body needs time to adjust itself.

Therefore, try this:

Take the citric acid + baking soda for only two days and stop for two days and do it again for two days.

The other issue is you need to measure your urinary pH and stop guessing at your condition. Check an prove to yourself that your urine is either too alkaline or too acid. Just measure the urinary pH. It should be about 6.5 - 7.3. If your urinary pH is below 6, then continue to do so.

To get your blood moving try another formula which should work better as it has higher antioxidant level. Get one whole lime (lime has better antioxidants then lemon) and keep adding the baking soda until the fizz stops. Measure your urinary pH after 1 hour of consumption. If you are acid, the pH should rise after 1 hour. If it is still not normal keep taking it more.

Since the body has so much ups and downs, then just take it for only two day and stop for two days. The body needs some time to readjust itself. If two days is too much for you then try to take it one day and two days of not taking it.

Whatever you do, you need to prove yourself of both urinary pH and salivary pH, where the former is pH 6.5 - 7.3 and the latter is about pH 6.8 to 7.5. If they are both acid, you will know what to do. If they are alkaline then just take apple cider vinegar alone.

The fact the blood rarely moves means the blood platelets are glued to each other. This can be lessened by drinking plenty of water and take some magnesium supplements and especially vitamin E 400 IU. The vitamin E is anti platelet sticking and should help with blood flow. A simple aspirin is also helpful too.