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Posted by Anil (Jersey City, NJ) on 05/23/2008

Dear Earthclinic, I wanted to point out a possible inconsistency in Ted's PH balancing recommendation. In his post at the following URL, he states that "The ideal urinary pH and salivary pH has to be BOTH 6.4 pH." However, in many other posts, he refers to ideal urniary and salivary PH as being closer to or above 7.

If it is indeed an inconsistency, it would be beneficial to fix it b/c it did create a lot of confusion for me. A PH of 6.4 would stand to be still rather acidic.

Thank you very much. You have a most wonderful website. I am trying a bunch of remedies from your website to fix a number of health problems for myself, and when successful, I intend to post a detailed note on your website.

Regards, AR

EC: Thanks so much for pointing that out. We have just forwarded your post to Ted and will let you know when we hear back!

Replied by Eileen
St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK

Hi there, Re post of 05/23/2008 from Anil of Jersey City when he pointed out the inconsisyency of Ted's PH Balancing Recommendation i.e PH of 6.4 (as opposed to circa 7). You said you would get back to TED on Anil's behalf to confirm. What was the outcome as no reply was posted. Many many thanks. You have a wonderful website.


EC: We'll ask him again... thanks for the reminder!

Replied by Bltw
Cincinnati, Oh, Usa

Re post of 05/23/2008 from Anil of Jersey City when he pointed out the inconsistency of Ted's PH Balancing Recommendation i.e PH of 6.4 (as opposed to circa 7). You said you would get back to TED on Anil's behalf to confirm.

Still no answer.

EC: We emailed Ted several times about this, but he never responded.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

As for the inconsistency of pH.... This appears to be a minimum urinary pH of 6.5, ideally 7. The salivary pH is ideally 7.3, but minimum is 7. For simplicity sake, both urinary pH and salivary pH should generally be 7. As for both urinary and salivery pH of 6.4, is a misprint. It's likely to be 7.

Replied by Royce
Milburn, Usa
1 posts

I have noticed a few of these inconsistant things as well, u must understand Ted answers so many questions so fast its impossible for him to be perfect all the time, I can assure you the man is a Genius, I been using this baking soda lime thing for three years and i feel like Tarzan lol. your ph is going to jump up and down all day anyway Teds just trying to keep us all in the ball park,and save as many lives as he can, and I can assure u he saved my dads allready, if u can do just half what ted tells you you will add years to you life.every morning take the juice from 1 whole lime approx 3 tablespoons stir in 1/2 measuring teaspoon baking soda till it stops fizzing filler up with water and chug it on an empty stomache, and wait 45 five minutes before eating, then eat a lot of apples, watermelon, and canaloupe when you can, and put a little lime or lemmon squeezed in all your water, and cut way back on any sugar, you do that and your problems are over brother.

Replied by Dee

I was always told that alkalizing things like lemon juice and baking soda for instance should never be used during or around meal times because they cancel out the stomach acid and stomach acid is what digests the food. PLEASE help. I was born with kidney issue and am often acidic but not sure how long after I eat to use baking soda, which works very well for me.

Replied by Carmel

Have studied everything here for hours, fascinating. Am trying to improve my health, had stomach ulcers and sinus problems now seem to be having silent acid reflux with ear aches etc and bad headaches. Taking cinetidine which helped but now does not seem to be helping. It seems that we should all be making sure about our pH levels. Can you swap lime juice for lemon juice (easier to get and cheaper)? Is there any mileage to getting one of those water filters that improves the pH level of water or those drops that increase the pH level of water please anyone? Any observations and thoughts very welcome. Thanks.