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Acidic State in Body Unhealthy

Posted by Stefan (Denver, CO) on 03/03/2007

I am amazed that a Doctor can promote creating an acidic state in the body. It has been proven unequivically that you should maintain a PH balance of 7.35/6/7 To deviate from this is extremely dangerous, your body is far more susceptible to germs and disease. Did anyone actually read and research these statements before publishing.

Replied by Earth Clinic

Stefan, there are no doctors on this site, only readers and an independent health contributor from Bangkok (Ted), who is NOT a doctor!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Stefan: Biological terrain is an old field but is quite well accepted in Europe and there are many practitioners, but it is basically unknown in U.S. except quite possibly at, located in Chicago, Illinois, which is a firm specializing in selling equipments related to biological terrain field.

Many biochemicals become a free radicals whenever the blood or urine is not within the range near the values of blood pH. For example, a vitamin C can be a prooxidant, or an antioxidant depending on the pH.

A sodium nitrite compound produced by the brain's cells called glial cells becomes possibly unstable to form a powerful free radical peroxynitrite, or its half life gets shortened in presence of acidity, and therefore causes high blood pressure due to reduced half life of sodium nitrite compound in blood acidity.

The sheer number of biological chemicals that goes against you in presence of acidity are many it is beyond this small email I can answer.

It is best that the body's blood operates in pH of 7.35 or quite narrow area. If it is off by only 0.5 pH you just die almost instantly.

Whenever urinary pH is below 7, basically, to an extreme acidity such as 4-5 for example, basically the kidneys get digested in presence of high acid.

So even if you don't think pH is worthwile, at least it is a good measure that the kidney be protected from extreme acidity.

I used this alkalinity basically to restore normal blood pressure by extending or at least preventing degradation of the body's natural sodium nitrite (which controls pH) by the use of buffers so that the sodium nitrite once it is not degraded as quickly allow for more stable and more normal blood pressure as it increases the body's nitric oxide efficiency in use in your body.

At least, in presence of alkalinity buffer that peroxynitrite does not form is even one area of anti aging research which shows potential, at least they do found this presence to be high in cataract individuals.

Therefore, alkalinity is one of the many ways one can reduce free radical either coming from a simple vitamin C (prooxidant in acidity) or peroxynitrite, as well as others.

I was one of the few to use alkalinity to help the body's resistance against disease in early 1970s, but today, at least in the late 1980s to 1990s that many researchers have finally caught on that acidity is an important issue for normal biochemical processes and disease.

As to what pH values is best for you the simplest answer would be, what works for you the best. The range are just simple ballpark figures that you can try to see if it works for you or not.

You can refer to many present researchers such as Dr. Carey Reams, or websites such as, forum discussion groups on Biological Terrain, RBTI and many more. One of the earliest proponents of alkalizing is actually Edgar Cayce, who treated thousands of patients psychically and many of his holistic therapy approach is now quite well known.

There is even a best selling research books on treatment of diabetes, weight loss, and other topics by Dr. Robert O. Young, and other researchers in the field that supports various alkalization, such as the use of potassium bicarbonate among others, and even a handbook guide on what foods to eat to get pH alkalization. The list of references and bibliography is by the thousands and this website only deals with remedies that you are best to do further research of this work at or other similar website that deals in much greater details in the field of biochemistry than Earth Clinic can ever deal with.