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Article on Quackwatch Re Acid/alkaline Theory of Disease

Posted by Rod on 11/25/2008

Can you comment about this article, my son is coming over for thanksgiving and i want to talking to him about acid foods. thank you

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There's a problem in the article you attached. Sure, an alkaline such as baking soda, your pH will change your urine. An alkaline such as potassium bicarbonate can change your pH in your saliva, but not your blood. But that's the fallacy. The baking soda and potassium bicarbonate have to go into your blood before it goes into the kidney and out into the urine, which causes a change in your urine. Sure, a saliva mysteriously increased pH after taking potassium bicarbonate, so somehow the potassium bicarbonate has mysteriously entered the blood without any changes and only change the saliva. The problem about all these arguments is that if you did your lab work, the blood carbon dioxide is lowered with higher bicarbonate level. Athletes reported less lactic acid buildup whenever soda loading is used. (I have a better method, which uses citrates). Anyone studying biochemistry and growing tissue cultures using lactic acid as a modifier of pH adjustment and buffer will know that lactic acid is toxic even at a biologically optimum pH. This ignores the basic fact that urine becomes acid to very dangerously acidic level that your kidneys get digested by the acid urine, such as pH urine of 4, where the kidney had to be removed and then replaced, only to be rermoved again. An easier solution is just to take baking soda to restore normal healthy pH urine such as 6.5 to 7 and then it doesn't have to be destroyed needlessly. I have also managed to save kidneys by this means, as well as one method of detecting metabolic acidosis after taking methanol, aspartame or formaldehyde, the urine pH goes to about 4-5. This is a very dangerous level such as the body now loses most control of the blood pH it needs to normalized and then death is close at hand. But we are not thinking that this is a continuum. Some foods are acid forming and a urine pH will show that. A coke has very high acid, not because of it's phosphoric acid, it's acid for sure, but we avoid the effects of hydrocarbons, such as benzene, from the breakdown of benzoic acid preservative found in most sodas. Now benzene if is a hydrophobic substances the body has limited means to rid of this by the kidney since kidneys only handle water, so it gets recirculated into the liver, and the liver becomes toxic. So if ever the blood pH is not normal, the urine pH is very acid. But in a continuum, many foods that we like to eat, about 90% of them are acid forming.

Now I am not siding with anyone, I don't agree with the use of coral calcium or calcium carbonate as a method of controlling pH. The body has limited means ot utilizing them and both saliva pH, urine pH and blood carbon dioxide isn't effected that much. Hence, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, and sodium citrates are more effective in raising blood oxygen and lower blood carbon dioxide. It's also used in medicine to help revival of dogs to prevent brain damage after a stroke, using the carbicarb (equimolar concentration of sodium carbonate plus potassium bicarbonate). Apparently during a stroke or a poor blood circulation, as in economy class syndrome, acidity level is raised in the brain so such an extent that the neural cells is destroyed. Doctor's never bother to care about measuring the pH in the brain and it's easy to say in the blood, because it's not convenient, but acid brain is what kills you. I had a person with astenia, a condition where a person cannot sleep and this problem remained for 10 years, until I found his brain to be acid, while blood pH is normal. Upon using the carbicarb, he was able to sleep normally and while he is well into his 60s now started acting more youthful and active as the neurodegenerative conditions, don't occur because the brain doesn't have excessive carbon dioxide and acid pH. People may argue all they want until the cows come home, but when I am dying do we need skeptics and just die? I really need to find a way out and I have found many.


Replied by Cl
Los Angeles, Ca

Dear Ted, Thank you for all your info! I am very confused however, about what to take for proper PH. You mention baking soda, but also some other things, like citrates? Also, what dose of baking soda should a person take, and when when I seem to have trouble getting my PH out of the 5 range? Thank you kindly, CL