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What Is the Purpose of an Orp?

Posted by Anonymous on 05/17/2008

What Use is ORP?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The ORP (oxidation reduction potential meter) measures the electric voltage I used in urine samples. It is measured in millivolts, either positive or negative. When the urine samples measures positive, the person is oxidizing, and has lack of electrons, so there are more free radicals which causes a person to be sick. When a person is healthy or antioxidant the figures is negative.

On a personal level, I used the ORP meter to check for my body level of vitamin C and ANTIOXIDANT, at least the water soluble one by measuring the urine. For example, as a rule of thumb, I can't get my ORP to be -50 mV to plus ORP. But a good level of antioxidant should be -100 mV to -300 mV. A good value is -120 mV to -150 mV. Usually with just the pH (if below 6.0) and ORP nearing positive values, I can predict my own sickness before the happen and often have to take supplements as a prevention before they happen. It is much earlier indicator than someone coming down with fever.

Most people will be about -80 mV, so their level of Antioxidant is low anyway. So usually sodium ascorbate does the trick. But other values still have to be checked, which is the pH and the urine sugar.

Most ORP goes for about $100 and the pocket form are the cheapest but when I measure I try to measure within 1-2 minutes are usually sufficient.