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What Is the Name of the Ph Meter?

There are photos of the pH meter Ted used, but it does not give the name of the device. Where can I get one of these?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The body neutralizes the acid to pH of 7.35. If it does pickle you, it would have killed you. To safely take ACV safely, just neutralize the acid by adding some baking soda. The pickle problem won't happen, but the body's buffer could be depleted without the baking soda. It is a common deficiency that the medical establishment has not yet recognized, but it has been known in holistic medicine for at least one hundred years. If you apply vinegar to your skin if you wash it daily, it will cause your skin to be smooth and supple like a baby. Just try it.

Replied by Mca
London, UK

Hi, can someone help pls regarding doseage; I recently tried mixing half tsp soda 1 tblespoon ____ apple cider vinegar 1 tblspoon honey into just less than half a glass of warmish water and it tasted fine - mild and drinkable. Now I've bought the vinegar "with mother" and it's unbearable! Tastes so acidic and horrible and makes us want to gag - tried increasing the soda but makes no difference - it just tastes saltier. How can we resolve this? I want to use the mix for my 17 yr old son who has acid problems and for my self/ also my mum's rheumatism, and husband daughter - acid reflux problems. I really need ot get this right - so tempted to go bask to the store bought vinegar but it's not raw vinegar! I thought the raw vinegar was supposed to be milder and easier to take! What are we doing wrong? thanks

Replied by Isabelle
Garden Grove, Ca

do not add too much sb just enough to get the ph to around 7. Like 2Tbsp avc to 1/4 to 1/3 of sb. Increase the water until it's drinkable for you. If you can skip on the honey it is better because honey reinforce taste. Good luck!