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Resistance to ACV?

Posted by Claire on 05/31/2007

Hi Ted - I was just wondering if taking 2 tsb ACV 3 times a day in water (for acne) is safe to do for an indefinite period of time (say, 2 years or so). My main concern here is having my body become resistant to the ACV -- developing strains of things that can no longer be treated by ACV. I'm wondering the same about baking soda paste, which I apply every 2 days for a skin rash called lichen simplex chronicus. It works wonderfully now, but I want to make sure it will continue to work just as well a year from now!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Claire: Ideally it is actually taking acv with baking soda in the long run should be safer. The reason is the body has a limited amount of bicarbonate which can be used up quite quickly whenever you are sick. On the other hand bad diets which causes acidosis, is the real culprit. The body's immune system uses alkalinity to kill off tiny invading organism for at least hundred million of years (dinosaur age), so it is unlikely that alkalization from the added baking soda, does a bacteria/viruses/fungus will develop a newer form of resistance. On the other hand, taking apple cider vinegar ALONE, I do get complaints of the conditions coming back and DO GET resistance, in which case I resolved the problem by adding bakin soda.

There are a couple of things I am aware of that mother nature uses to kill off invading organism as far as evolution is concerned:

1. Alkalinity. the body's alkalinity is raised whenever an invading organism comes, such as a cold. The urine pH is acid, but the blood pH become more alkaline. 2. Hyperosmolarity. Early human salt fishes and bacteria simply wont grow. 3. Hyperthermia. The body raises its temperature to fend off invading organism.

There are many others that mother nature uses (e.g. minerals, oxygen, etc.), but those are some simple example where resistance development is limited for any invading organism, and hence it is one reason why baking soda has to be added. It is also another reason why a lemon and baking soda has to be considered, as a citrate form (reaction of citric and baking soda) is more effective in alkalizing the body. As to why ACV works, it works by providing certain nutrients that the mitochrondria needs as part of its Kreb cycles, such as the malates, citrate, acetates so that the energy level, and hence metabolism and hyperthermia works more efficient in killing off the invading organism. Therefore a simple answer to prevent the body from repeat infection is to consider, at least 3 issues mentioned, which translated into simple remedy, is simply baking soda and lemon (alkalinity), hyperosmolarity (sea salt) and hyperthermia (energy & metabolism - acv). I can write a more lists how nature does it, but time is limited for now. Therefore the body needs to maintain at least 3 of these to prevent any further resistance. One dirty little secrets that companies know is that the simpler the chemicals or process you use in killing off the organism, the more difficult it is for the microbes to develop a resistance, such as alkalinity, which basically kills two birds with one stone, raising pH and increasing oxygen, both of these are relatively deadly to parasitic lichen that you mentioned. Sea salt also does different things besides just adding salinity, it corrects mineral imbalance, alkalization, at the same time, making it ideal for antibiotics. You won't get the same answer with common table salt, and I also get report of people getting much sicker using common table salt. The reason is simple: it lacks other minerals to kill invading organism, and the pH for iodized common table salt is acid, at about 5.0. If you bother to measure all the foods you eat, then you will realize why you get sick. The pH for most foods we eat are generally between 3-5, being mostly acid, including fruit juices. Therefore ACV may help initially but in long run baking soda should be added. This would not do much if bad dietary habits of smoking, drinking, and fast food are added after you get well. But human nature seems to do that whenever they do get well sometime. If good habits are also added, obviously resistance would be relatively difficult. The only important resistance I see based on my own observation is if the body's immune system are suppressed from yearly "flu vaccine" or other vaccination, where aluminum, monosodium glutamate and mercury are added, mycoplasma is one thing that do exist alive in vaccines and they can cause immune suppression, as it is known that frequent vaccination leads to an exhausted and constanly shrinking immune system, called the thymus A thymus which exists below the thyroid gland on the upper chest. Immune system suppression is what really kills us usually, which are often caused by excess heavy metals, mycoplasma, and mineral deficiencies, usually iodine, magnesium, zinc, and selenium). Therefore I would be much more concerned about taking care of my immune system, maintaining a normal biological fluids within normal range, usually through pH monitoring. There are many others, but those are the most important ones. In summary ACV should not be taken alone baking soda should be added. Other factors need to be considered too. Resistance is not what I worry, it is the immune system suppression and their causes is what worries me.