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Mineral Water Vs. Distilled Water?

Posted by Ron (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/29/2006

Is there a difference between using mineral water vs. distilled water with the Apple Cider Vinegar? Is one better than the other? Ps. well done, full support, one of the best sites on the web!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Ron: When you mix Apple Cider Vinegar try to use mineral water. Distilled water lacks acidity buffer and people have problems with such use. I remember reading somewhere that people who drink distilled water loose hair. The reason is really simple, the body is too acid from such and capillaries constrict depriving hair of the circulation. For example, if distilled water is kept in an open air, the pH acidity of the distilled water will get more acid. Ths is not true for mineral water. Its pH will stay the same. Your body will also be acid in presence of drinking distilled water. If you mix distilled water, with Apple Cider Vinegar, the acidity of your body may be increased from the distilled water portion, due to lack of acid buffers. Therefore, I would use mineral water to mix with apple cider vinegar, or at the very least, ordinary filtered water. No reverse osmosis water, as they are too close to distilled water and lack the buffers and proper minerals.