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How Many ACV Doses Per Day?

Posted by Bobby (Cebu, Philippines) on 05/21/2007

Dear Ted, I would like your expert advise on how to take ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) if an individual like myself is prone to hyperacidity/hypertension. For now, I am taking 2 tblspn of ACV (Heinz brand) with 178ml or 6 FL.OZ. of Welch 100%Grape Juice (once a day). Is this advisable? Is the mixture I am using now acceptable and do I really need to drink this mixture 3-4 times daily to get results? The results I'm trying to achieve are basically the ff; 1. Weight Loss 2. Lower Cholesterol & Triglecyrides 3. Have more Energy w/out the adrenaline rush I'm taking on medication (Lipitor- 10mg) now to lower and control my cholesterol. I want to get off this medication as I've been taking it for the past months now. It did lower my cholesterol though. Thanks and please let me know whether I'm on the right track or not. Sincerely, Bobby

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Bobby: Grape Juice may not be helpful because of the sugar content, while apple cider vinegar after fermenting, the sugar are converted into acetic acid, and thus are better. Taking more grape juice would raise the sugar level, which is not going to help. The way to reduce cholesterol level is either to limit its intake or dissolve them out of the body. Usually taking 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin once or twice a day will lower it. Vitamin B complex are generally supportive of normalizing the cholesterol. Quite often lowering the simple carbohydrate diet by elminating white bread, pastries, white sugar, white flour, ice cream, fried food, and potato chips will do the trick. Replacing those foods with higher protein such as tuna, fish, and whey protein instead will lower the triglyceride. Taking omega 3 and fish oils daily will help lower triglycerides too. Doing the above, the cholesterol within 2 months usually goes from 280 to about 180, on average, and that was just taking the lecithin. It would have been better if fish oil, vitamin B complex and some stricter dietary control of avoiding JUNK FOOD were also considered.