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Severe Stomach Pain After Taking Apple Cider Vinegar, Why?

Posted by Ulli on 02/05/2010

Dear Ted,

I have a question: I would really like to use ACV for my aching joints and hot flashes but each time I try I get severe stomach pain. I tried at least 5 times during the last year but it happens every time. I use 2tbl in plenty of water with food or without food.

Do you have any ideas why this is and how I can overcome this problem?

Thank you so much,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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ACV in general is acid, and should generally be neutralized with baking soda to get the pH of 7. At 7 pH there is less chance of getting stomach upset as it's pH is the same as that of ordinary water. The usual dose is 2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda preferably in 1 glass of water. Whenever baking soda is added to ACV, it becomes a powerful antioxidant with a value around -100 to -200 millvolts. A negative value is considered an antioxidant, while a positive value is an oxidant. This remedy has the least problems of all.


Replied by Shanny
Chicago, Illinois

I've had stomach pain too. It hasn't went away. I took about 4 large sips of ACV from the bottle then I drank about a cup with cranberry juice.

Replied by Kansas
Las Vegas, Nevada

Ok, here it goes. I have heard so many good things about ACV that I decided to include it into my diet, no particular reason other than to not develop the same things people are talking about here, but the two times I have taken it SEVERE stomach pain DROPS me. The 1st time it led to vomiting so bad that I actually puked a piece of meat up & I don't eat meat so it had to come off of me, (it was a green /purple color I would be glad to upload a picture for those interested). The second time (10 minutes ago) I am now in the begining stages of what brought me to the hospital last time and I would like to know why. Last time the pain lasted for HOURS. I just took the Sodium Bicarbonate and the pain is still there, but I have cool burps now, other than that, nothing. I eat apples, I consume vineear no problem, except taken like a shot. I am more interested in worst case possible scenerio, because I have a very high tolerance for pain, and this is almost unbeareble. Thanks for any speedy replies!

Replied by Kris
Henderson, Nv

I get horrible stomach pain after taking ACV with honey. Was looking for a remedy for hot flashes and to promote sleep. I mixed only 3 teasp. Vinegar to 1 cup honey. I took 2 teasp. Of the mixture. The first night I had slight stomach pain and headache. The next day I felt fatiqued, depressed, and as if I had eaten a brick. Not associated the effects with the vinegar, I took it again the next night before bed. Woke up 2 hours later with terrible stomach pain, gas, neusea. I am 15 hours later and still feeling bad. I feel bloated, and a feeling of general malaise. This happened a year ago after the vinegar as well. It does not agree with me. Hoping my symptoms will subside. I don't feel like myself physically or mentally.

Replied by Joanna
Iloilo, Philippines

I have acid reflux since january 2012, I tried 2 tablespoon of ACV, may reflux went away but I have severe pain for 3 days now since I took it.. pls help what should I do the pain wont go away, I tried 1/4 BS mixed in water alone but It doesn't help.