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On Blood Type Diet, Not Supposed to Have Vinegar

Posted by Sheryl on 05/01/2009

Hi Ted, I am seeing a nutritionist and she has put me on the blood type diet. I would like to take the acv but I'm an o-non-secretor and no supposed to have vinegar, what are your thoughts on the blood type diet,and do you think that it works- thank-you! Sheryl

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I checked the medical journals, it seems that the blood type diet is only for popular press, but there is no research to support the notion. Also eating according to blood type diet seems to worsen many people if we look at the live blood analysis.

It seems that people simply can't digest the meats and it deplete the body's enzyme regardless of the blood type. I have blood type O also and if I have actually followed their recommendation, the blood chemistry would be messed up. It seems that people really need to eat so that the blood chemistry is not disturbed and eating meats is not the answer, it taxes the body's digestive system and feel heavier. Some people think eating complex carbohydrate is not good for you, but you can tell. If I don't eat rice, I don't feel satiated and left with feeling that I need to eat more. Eating the right balance of complex carbonhydrates, protein, and vegetables can actually reduce weight by causing the person to be full faster from the satiation effect than eating any prescribed eating. Drinking plenty of water also helps during eating.

The acid test is to look at live blood analysis to prove blood chemistry is not messed up AFTER eating and feeling of satiation without the necessity of eating unnecessarily too much food, is actually a more realistic diet goal, then paleolithic, vegetarian, or even the swordfish diets. As a rule of thumb find a good balance of vegetables, complex carbohydrate (less the wheat - gluten), and meats (from fish and meats). The feeling of heaviness after eating is often that the body is burdened with too much food. The French eat food like they were an art form and the portions are very small, so they don't get the heaviness. Meats simply are acid forming and the urine pH will reflect this. The diet may be incomplete also. It doesn't consider whether you have a gluten intoleranace or lactose intolerance. Some people are actually allergic to the "recommended" list of food.

In many instances looking at live blood analysis and following the recommended blood type diet in most cases it worsens the blood chemistry. The bood cells clump together, the circulation is hampered, there is junk in the blood cells. It tells you you are eating too much meats, oily food and the blood becomes sticky. However, to promote any diet regimen makes it very profitable for the marketer and the differences is a big one, enough so that promoters will continue to find a new diet fad. So not to be lost, check the urine pH, saliva pH, blood cholesterol, and live blood analysis over a dark field microscopes. Those tell the truth.


Replied by Dove
South, United States

Hi Ted,

I'm confused on what you're saying here. First you said that meats "mess up the blood, " but then indicate we should include some meat in our diet. I'm wondering if those who had blood clumped up from eating meat were eating mainstream meat or from free-range meat without all the poisons in it.

Personally, I didn't do well at all on a vegetarian or vegan diet. I only eat meat from the healthfood store, and not only do I not feel "heavy" from it, I feel energized and more grounded. But I also eat several times per day, every 2 to 3 hours, and I eat a lot of fiber, drink a lot of water.

I didn't eat wheat for decades, because I believed it was bad for us. But recently I started eating wheat bran, and my system seems to love it! So could it be that it's not really wheat that's bad, but that most people eat it excessively? And don't eat a variety of grains? For my system, it was something "new" with a lot of nutrients and excellent fiber. And note, before beginning to eat the wheat bran, I'd regularly eaten oat bran, and still do.

Thank you, Ted. I'm very appreciative for your wonderful contributions here. And just wanna say this website is a treasure.


Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Dove, I am reading a book about curing Candida through diet and the explanation about wheat intolerance is quite interesting. According to the author it is not the wheat that should be a problem but the hybrid wheat they cultivate nowadays. The bran especially shouldn't be eaten and better than wheat now is spelt (spelt flour is easy to obtain here in France in any supermarket) because it is still the old kind. It does make sense to me because a lot of food we eat still looks the same but has nothing in common anymore with the food the older generation, to which I belong, used to know. Difficult to know which is which because often they look exactly the same and there is no labeling explaining the way it is grown or else most of us would be avoiding most foods! Barry Groves also explains in his book Trick and Treat (which I highly recommend) that bread doesn't need to be a problem if it is risen properly but nowadays methods mean that it is risen so fast that some of the toxic components of the flour are still there when you eat it. I have stopped buying fast yeasts to use in my bread, before I read his book I had no idea that they could create problems. Difficult to know what to eat nowadays.... You really have to be an expert! Thank God for the Internet and sites like this or else we wouldn't know what to do! I am sure that a lot of the health problems if not most of them come from wrong diet, wrong lifestyle, bad water, wrong environment..... But we have to get around all of this as well as we can in order to stay as healthy as possible. It is time consuming to try to understand what is good for you and what is not, but it is also very important!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Dove, do you really live here in Michelbach-le-Bas? Not many people live here.... It would be quite a coincidence if you lived here too! If you do it would be nice to meet you. Maybe you are a neighbour of mine as most of the village population are French, they don't speak English and most foreigners live in our street. I hope you will see this post....... Otherwise I will post it again in a while!