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ACV Makes My Gum Disease Worse

Posted by Laura on 04/02/2007

Hi, I am very frustrated. I started taking apple cider vinegar for allergies and it really has helped - I feel great! Unfortunately, I have struggled with gum disease for years and I was hoping that the vinegar would help that, too, but instead my gums are bleeding like sieves. I am sure that this is related to the vinegar, as it is the only change I have made in my diet. Has anyone experienced this and is there anything I can do? I would like to continue with the vinegar, but not at the expense of my gums. Thanks, Laura

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Apple cider vinegar is too acidic in the mouth and may not help repair for the mouth. So just try to use baking soda as a mouthwash or just try 2 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize the acid.

Usually bleeding gums are helped with vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg and the niacinamide vitamin B3 100 mg (only taken for a couple of days).

Vitamin B5 and vitamin B8 helps the skin repair also, but I take them about 500 mg of each. I actually prefer the panthenol form of B5 while the B8 inositol is relatively mild for skin and hair repairs.

Replied by Rick

Hydrogen peroxide is also very good for peridontal problems. Hold it in your mouth for a minute or two also. Use it two or three times a day and you will notice the difference within a week or so.