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Does the Blood Type Diet Work with ACV?

Posted by Trish on 03/02/2007

Hi Ted my name is Trish and was wondering about the blood type thing. I wasn't really clear, so if you are an A blood type, does that mean that an ACV diet would not work for you? Or do you think I would still have results? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Trisha: In my personal opinion the blood type diet don't work. Diseases in general as I found out are equally distributed across all blood type.

Some other people know this also but quietly. The theory of the blood type idea idea is simple, that agglutination (clotting)is caused by lectin. And different diets for different blood types will result in changes in lectin levels. My theory is much more simpler: if the body's antioxidant levels are low, nitric oxide production by the body is low, or that the body is basically acid, regardless of your blood type this will cause the body to be clotting blood rather easily, regardless of the blood type. In my own opinion the diets that encourages blood clotting easily is rather simple: if the body's hormones are blocked by free fatty acid (oil free radical), blood clotting and circulation is impaired. Acid forming foods tends to destabilize the body's nitric oxide levels also and forms a cancer causing compound such as peroxynitrite without sufficient sulfides or antioxidants such as vitamin C sodium ascorbate for example. Of course, all these theory can be easily confirmed this way, most Americans eat high meats food anyway, and most Americans are of O group blood. It would imply that they should have the healthy diet, which is not. Basically this theory can easily be disproved by eating any diets proposed by the blood group diet and within 30 minutes after eating, grab a microscope slide of the blood taken before and after eating. The blood if too high in carbohydrates or fats, regardless of the blood type are the major problems. Research studies that on rats shows easily that if the rats eat high fats, or high sugar, or both high fat and high sugar, those are actually the major cause of modern diseases. Of course fats and sugar are acid forming, as you may have noticed, oils are usually acid, and most carbohydrates are acid forming foods. So the issue of pH is more basic than the issue of blood since there is currently no rat research studies that can prove the existence of blood and diet, and it is not possible either. The simplest way is just gauge your urinary pH, take apple cider vinegar and baking soda, with a pinch or potassium. It works because our diets are acid forming, lacking the sodium/potassium balance, and apple cider vinegar has certain amounts of antioxidants whenever it reacts with a baking soda, its ORP is about at least -150 millivolts, which in many ways the electrical properties similar to miracle healing waters.