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Dosage for a Child?

Posted by Melissa (Tampa, FL) on 03/04/2007

My daughter was born with acid reflux and pretty much grew out of the vomiting, however, she still has episodes of spitting up, she's six years old now, and complains about her stomach ache. We just found out she's allergic to dairy so we have stopped the dairy consumption and she drinks soy milk. My problem is that she's still complaining about her tummy and i noticed her tongue gets white at times. She still spits up every now and then. I've been giving her aloe vera juice when she complains but it doesn't seem to be working very well. I saw your apple cider remedy and am willing to try this one. I noticed most of the remedies are for the adults. How much do you recommend for a 6 year old? Please advise....

Replied by Jillian
Lake Macquarie, australia

My daughter had severe acid reflux & was medicated for 2 years, but was in severe pain, & frequently vomited. She is now drug free & symptom free. Please tell Melissa from Tampa Fl to use the acv after a meal, but also to eat an apple, (even 1/2) before bed. These simple remedies changed my daughters life. We don't know why the apple works but it is fantastic. The problem with a lot of reflux is not too much acid but not enough, hence the acv aids digestion. This was the case with my daughter. She had bad breath and nausea. The food in her stomach was not being digested, it was just sitting ther rotting. I note with interest your advice to take 1/4 tspn b soda with acv. Will definitely add this to the mix. Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Melissa: A six year old will take only half the dose of an adult. Baking soda should be added to work best. The vomiting might be a mild case of anorexic-like condition, especially with the milk allergies. So vitamin B complex should help. Avoiding giving sour drinks when she takes her food will help reduce acid reflux.

Replied by Melmac
Orlando, Fl

My small, 28 pound, 3 year old has remaining acid reflux from infant GERD. It's not too bad, but he gets the hiccups quite often from it and rarely vomits. What would be the recommended Bragg ACV-baking soda dosage for a little guy of his size? (Wonder if I could get him to drink it. I may just start with the nightly apple to see what that does. ) Thanks for the info everybody!