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Dental Erosion and Fluoride

Posted by Judy (Columbus, OH) on 12/20/2006

I want to thank all who wrote in re: I had a concern regarding oral hygiene with acid reflux. I inquired with my dentist about this and in addition to the oral hygiene we all do, i.e., brush, floss, listerine . . .it is imperative to use a fluoride rinse and during the day rinse out your mouth when you feel the acid is building or have a bad taste. the reason for all of this is that the acid can wear away the enamel and wear down your teeth. Now the fluoride you can buy OTC or probably some where you can find a formula to make your own. Before even consulting with my dentist, it made sense that the feeling the acid had on my gums and teeth that it wasn't doing anything good.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Dear Judy: Fluoride is neither natural, essential mineral or is it safe, it accumulates in your pineal gland and blocks your body's circadian rhythm. Fluoride has traditionally been used as a rat poison, control prison behavior and fertility for population control during Nazi times. These are historical fact. Xylitol a derivative of natural sugar is far more effective than fluoride in cavity prevention, taste, and pH protection. A mineral that is essential to your body and protects against cavity is molybdenum, in form of sodium molybdate, which also works to control pH, and remineralization of the body. Why fight with mother nature? She does a far better job than we do!