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What Does ACV Do to the Body Over the Long Term?

Posted by Vicarious (Vancouver, BC) on 11/28/2008

I have posted here before I would much appreciate if anyone specialist could actually explain to us. What it is that the ACV is actually doing to the body? Is it scraping the arteries or disintegrating something ( wouldn't know what) my Blood pressure is now quite stable for my age with my 2x 2 soup spoons in a bit of grapefruit juice. BUT thinking I have to take this for the rest of my life isn't fun either. Would just wonder what is happening after 20 years of ACV ..or will it just be like having salad dressing every . I could eat a salad every day for sure with 4 table spoon of ACV in the dressing . Thank's for anyone to explain to us who is is IN THE KNOW. ITs the physical I am interested in as too much of anything can't be good maybe we will be become immune to ACV? Who knows. Thanks

Replied by Pamela
Houston, Texas

Hi, I am not a specialist but if you had not read the book "Braggs Apple Cider Vingar" I would suggest it. The authors are long time users of acv and had very healthy lives. The book explains the ins and outs of how acv works. One the best things to me about acv is it helps to calcify the body which leads to a lot of differ health problems. A person's body gets hard as they start to age because of this. Touch a few really old people and you can tell this. There are so many other benefits from acv. And I have received many from using it. In Dr's Hilda Clark book she suggest putting 1/8 tsp of powder C in acv to keep the aflatoxin from forming in it and keep in the refrigator. I think that is why sometimes some people have problems with acv because they are sensitive to the aflaxtoxins or they are using a none organic brand of acv. Hope the book helps you it did me and is a good read.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The apple cider vinegar has two major components, one is vinegar and the other is malic acid, or apple acid, found in apples. Therefore, it is more appropriate as to what malic acid and vinegar does to the person. As for me I would like to take it everyday, but I don't, too busy experimenting and it has to be slow and tedious, one supplement by one supplements, otherwise I won't know much just telling second hand information, rather then first hand information. Vinegar has one major interesting property, it is a weak solution of acetic acid, 5% to be exact, and apple cider vinegar has that in about close to that amount. The major properties of vinegar is it's ability to solubilize fats and oily substances, by removing excessive oils that blocks the arteries and blood vessels for example. A very narrow blood vessels makes the heart work much harder, resulting in enlarged heart and high blood pressure. You can prove to yourself that vinegar does in fact have this property by cleaning an oven or cleaning a window with oil smudges and fingerprints. This is how it works. So what it does it it cleans the body of these oily substances that pollute the body. It works on the same principle as granulated lecithin and this is considered a fat emulsifier. The malic acid is also found in the cellular Kreb's cycle and seems to give energy as well as immune system. An acetic acid (vinegar) when reacted with the body's bicarbonates, you get, sodium acetate, which is a pH buffer for the body. Because it reduces fats and calcium it has an antiaging effect. I remember a news article long ago of a woman who drank 1/2 cups of apple cider vinegar and has a youthful appearance half of her age. The effect can seen in making the skin supple and this can be noted if it is applied on the skin. Hence the blood vessels from long term use is more supple and blood pressure is nomralized this way. It's considered a food.