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How Does ACV Make the Body Alkaline and What Is Ash?

Posted by Qaz on 05/30/2011

Hi Ted

i will keep this short. I have spent hours looking for an answer in the posts on ACV, bicarbonate of soda, etc. Can you tell me how ACV makes the body alkaline and what "ash" is? thanks in advance for your time and your general advice in the forums.

Replied by Ralyn
Cebu, Philippines

Hi I have been taking apple cider and it worked wonders for me. I also would like for my parents to try apple cider so that they too can benefit from this, although I am hesitant, as they are have medicines that they maintain for their diabetes and highblood, I would like to know if there might be side effects if they take both?... Would appreciate if someone could get back at me with an answer so that I would know what to do. Thank you very much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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ACV is acidic and is alkaline depending on how you react with it. Ash is when ACV is burned off leaving the minerals, which is ash. The ash is basically alkaline. The liquid portion is actually the acid, if it stays in the body long enough and the body doesn't have the buffer needed to neutralized it (bicarbonates is stored in your pancreas) it is acid. If there is not enough bicarbonates it is acid, if there is enough stored bicarbonates it is alkaline. Scientist, today, has made a very easy way to determine whether it is acid or alkaline, and is the gold standard, drink the ACV and determine the urine pH which is your first and second pee, especially your second one, will get a more exacting figure.


Replied by Joyce
Santa Rosa, Ca

Just a month ago I started testing my urine PH and to my dismay it was very acidic despite any efforts I did to raise it. I drink Vitamineral Greens (with fresh spinach, celery, cucumbers, blueberries, goji berries, and 1/2 banana) & Raw Protein Powder drink in the morning, I put Insan Bamboo Salt in my water (the strongest one they have) in my purified water and drink it all day, I drink Aloe Juice, I take Liquid Chlorpyll, Chlorella tablets (recommended dosage). For a month I even tried therapeutic dosage of PH tablets morning and night, probiotics at night, enzymes with my meals. I am about 15 lbs. Overweight, but very physical. I walk 30-60 minutes everyday, do 25-35 mile bike rides at least twice a month. I try to fix a healthy lunch every day, eat fresh fruit for dessert, maybe some dark chocolate almonds and cookies now and again. I do eat popcorn or kettle corn on a regular basis. The best reading I ever got was 6. 5. I don't know what else to do to raise my PH. I don't feel sick or have any aches and pains and I'm 60 years old.

I read that ACV can help with alkalinity and started taking 2 tbls apple cider vinegar in water and little apple juice. Given my high acidic readings, should I continue or not?

I also read somewhere that you can be too alkaline and then your body can compensate and become acidic. I'm beginning to wonder if that could be happening.

Thanks for any guidance, I'm perplexed, confused and if I never had tested my PH I would still be living in ignorant bliss.


Replied by Ilana
California, Usa

Hi, did you ever fix your PH issue?