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Mother in ACV

Posted by Noel on 06/04/2007

Hello - I have been intensely reading the articles on the Earth Clinic website. A reference is made that I don't understand - the reference is made to "ACV with the mother". I know what ACV is but what is 'with the mother'.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Noel: A mother solution is an organic apple cider vinegar that has some live beneficial bacteria found in the apple cider vinegar. An easy way to tell is the dregs, or precipitate you see on the bottom of the bottle. When the label says "with mother of vinegar" on the bottle, or raw unfiltered organic and other similar words. Basically you don't even need to read the labels. Just look on the bottom of the bottle, and you see light brown powdery by products and the solution is not so translucent. Some people are picky and say that a mother solution of ACV is needed. But in reality apple cider vinegar of any kind works, the ones I make sure that you put in is not really the "mother solution", it is the baking soda, that is so important since some people with acid reflux simply CANNOT tolerate the acid. The reason for the lack of intolerance and the stomach low acid is due to the body's lacking of bicarbonates to neutralize the food and the body orders the stomach not to produce any more acid to avoid digesting the intestines from the foods that is digested by the stomach acids. It is believed that the mother solution have some beneficial bacteria, like the probiotics so that a mother solution is superior. Research in this area found it is actually not the probiotics that kills beneficial bacteria, it is actually the acid forming food or too alkaline foods, which alters the make up of the intestinal flora makeup. So by just altering the diets to be more alkaline, usually the intestinal flora corrects itself. Assuming you don't change the dietary habits, then you may be taking the probiotics for the rest of your life or mother, or yogurt, since once they go into the stomach they get killed anyway since the nutrients in the body simply can't support life for the probiotics you are taking. So if I want to restore natural intestinal flora, an easy way is to take baking soda, vitamin C sodium ascorbate, and some humic acid (1/4 teaspoon of humic acid in a drinking water, or one liter of water once a week or once a month), and to correct the micromineral balances so that intestinal flora can live in peace is to take once a week at least of 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of drinking water. Those should at least correct most of the intestinal flora to normal. It should be noted that everybody has h. pylori, candida, but they live in peace, with each other without mutiny on your body. As a result, these micronutrients you give should be enough so that the numbers do not get out of control. Basically most people with an acid reflux, I found recently (more like by mistake!) is that funny enough, not only do they have bicarbonates lacking, but iodine were related, as do often see people with acid reflux have low energy levels or subnormal thyroidal function. A drop or four drops of iodine would be fantastic for them too.

Replied by Rose
Steedman, MO, USA

Wow, talk about 'interesting'! Last year I was treated with some mega-antibiotics for h-Pylori infection. At the same time, I was having some acid reflux issues, which really threw me since I've NEVER had any digestive problems before. That this is somehow linked with a malfunctioning thyroid really strikes me as interesting, because I've been suspecting this recently due to symptoms, and my sister has just recently been dealing with a problem thyroid herself (we are so much alike). I actually think those antibiotics made my reflux worse. But I've been doing the baking soda and water twice a day, but I really like how I feel after taking the baking soda w/lime or lemon twice a day. Since doing these, I have had no problems with reflux. This amuses me. I'm a classic movie buff, I love the old movies. I recently saw an old Bette Davis movie (Now, Voyager, LOVE this movie) where an older gentleman was constantly having issues with some sort of indigestion, and was always given baking soda w/water which always made him feel so much better...whenever I see that movie I think to myself, "the old remedies are STILL the best!" LOL.

Wishing you good health,

P.S. The lemon/lime formula is one of Ted's's 1/2 tsp baking soda in a half glass water, then add the juice of one fresh-squeezed lemon or lime. Allow room in the glass for some fizzing. Very refreshing!(Pick up one of those manual juicers, less than $5.00 at Walmart.)