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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/04/2006 383 posts

There is an ACV remedy and then there is Ted's ACV remedy. The ACV remedy is what has been traditionally done to drink it directly. Now I have always recommended the use of the second one, which requires that you add baking soda to the ACV to neutralize the acid to just 7.0 or close to it before drinking, otherwise the acidity will bring on dentin sensitivity and cause erosion of the enamel. A minimum pH on ACV of 6.0 and above should stop enamel erosion, in case you like somewhat of a "sour" ACV tastes, ideally it should be closer to 7.0

You might wonder whether therapeutic effectiveness of the second one might be as effective as the original one. It should be at least as effective if not more effective than an original formula for two reasons:

1. If you take the original ACV remedy (2 TBS in a glass of water), the body is going to neutralize it anyway using the available bicarbonates the body stores have. If not, you get a burning tongue or skin of the tongue become lose or tears up, if the body don't have sufficient bicarbonates. It takes AT LEAST A week to get a bicarbonate level to optimum provided you take bicarbonates everyday. I am of course assuming that in this instance, you don't have sufficient bicarbonate levels.

2. The newer ACV remedy I have always recommended (AKA Ted's ACV recipe) is to ADD baking soda until most of the acid is neutralized near 7.0. Chemically it is not changed, the malic becomes a malate when baking soda has neutralized, but then the body is going to convert to THAT anyway. What YOUR body wants is that the pH is at an ideal theoretical pH 7.35, which is equivalent to the pH of your blood.

So for me an ideal food, whether we talk about ACV or any other food should GENERALLY be slightly alkaline. If you don't do it for your body the body will change to an alkaline anyway, provided that your body is FIT to do that! So it is best not to assume that your body is FIT and it is best to assume the worst and just add the baking soda as a precaution.

Making it alkaline will give you the extra benefit of more oxygen in your body and greater buffers the body need so you should in fact feel better with the newer formula. In fact, athletes takes pure baking soda to relieve them of muscular pain from long physical endurance. Thinking along this makes it easier to use this newer formula as well as protect against enamel erosion.

Many people have misinterpreted the event where a body becomes alkaline in event of a person becomes sick to be a "bad thing". However, this is HOW a body kills off invading bacteria and viruses by raising up the alkalinity level. So in fact alkalinity is actually needed. When an immune system is suppressed or destroyed (from surgery or chemical toxins), the body will raise its alkalinity level much more frequently than a healthy person. What a potentially sick person needs to do is to give sufficient buffers for alkalinity using baking soda, but also regenerate the body's immune system (the thymus) with supplementation of secretogues, such as L-glutamine, melatonin, and iodine from seaweed and kelp."

EC: Please read all the feedback we have received on this combination remedy, including side effects.

Replied by David
Cody, WY

Question regarding Ted's ACV Remedy:

I've been on Protonix for about 5-6 years. I understand that PPI drugs have awful side effects. I experience them first hand. My question is, does this ACV remedy merely replace the daily Protonix regimen? In other words, do I now have to take ACV for the rest of my life or can I quit the ACV after a period of time? Much thanks.