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Why Does ACV Improve My Sleep?

Posted by Cheryl (Center Valley, PA) on 04/01/2007

I came across your website while desperately searching for a cure for a severe sinus infection. The ACV helped tremendously. Another amazing plus is that I sleep so well since taking it. I've been troubled with disrupted sleep for about 2 years now. Just curious to know what it does in the body to make such an improvement in sleep? Thanks for this wonderful website!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Apple cider vinegar restores normal pineal glandular function by reducing the calcium buildup in the tissues and glandular functions. It causes the cells to function normally by restoring permeability, and hence increase the cellular hormone production of melatonin, which can only work if the pineal gland is not excessively clogged by both fluorine and calcium. You can prove to yourself by applying either the vinegar or the apple cider vinegar on the skin and noticed the increase suppleness the next day. This suppleness also extends to glandular functions too including the pineal gland. I think both acetates (found in vinegar) and citrates (found in lemon juice) when mixed with baking soda performs this function in reducing excess serum calcium that clogs the system. Apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline when the acetic portion reacts with calcium to form a calcium acetate, possibly, or with citric acid, it becomes calcium citrates, which are more soluble and the excesses are rid of by urine. However I think it is of more help to add baking soda, to prevent further leeching of calcium from the bones due to acid blood, much like acid rain that eats up Greek statues. I have no idea about apple cider vinegar that reduces fluorine accumulation in the pineal gland, but I do know that trace boron or a tiny borax added to drinking water do help reduction of fluorine from the body and prevents accumulation. Scientist take advantage of pineal gland calcification, by examining this as a biomarker to aging. So in fact, keeping a healthy pineal gland from accumulating these elements is one way to the fountain of youth.

Replied by Debra
Bribane, Australia

they say not to take acv - it makes acetic acid - which is a poison.