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How Does ACV Work with Baking Soda?

Posted by Paul (London) on 03/14/2007

I noticed your comments about how Apple Cider Vinegar can erode tooth enamel and to mix it with Bicarbonate of Soda. However, I thouht one of the reasons of drinking pure cider vinegar was to encourage the stomach to produce more acid to increase digestion and absorb more neutrients from food. If the acid is neutralised won;t the stomach stop making acid if I drink "neutralised" Apple Cider Vinegar. Look forward to your response!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Paul: However, I thouht one of the reasons of drinking pure cider vinegar was to encourage the stomach to produce more acid to increase digestion and absorb more nutrients from food. A research study has found that if you add anything of acid along with your food, such as citric acid or even fruit juices, the stomach tends to digest slowly. I have explained this in several of my postings. The reason why it digests much slower is the body needs to generate enough bicarbonates needed to neutralized the acid created by the stomach acids so that it doesn't damage the intestines, causing the leaky gut syndrome and other problems. The stomach is a strange mechanism, if the acidity of food is high, the stomach acid remains suppressed and the slowness of digestion causes acid reflux as a result of fermentation in the stomach. 90% of all our foods are acid forming, so I wouldn't be so worry as that there is not enough acid around. People who take apple cider vinegar pure will have benefits no doubt, but it simply doesn't work for everyone. The best formula that I have received no complaints at all is NOT the ACV straight. It is actually the ACV baking soda where the pH of the solution (2 tablespoons of ACV 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda) is EXACTLY equal to 7.0, which is neutral. The reason why this works better is certain people simply do not have enough alkaline buffers necessary to neutralized the acid apple cider vinegar initially. Sure eventually the apple cider vinegar will be alkaline forming, but those are due to the mineral content of left sided mineral on the left side of the periodic table, while the chlorinated and fluoridated, preserved foods uses acid forming halogens. All foods you eat on the oxidation-reduction potential are oxidized at an average of about 100-300 millivolts. Which actually steals your electrons, causing aging and burning up the body. However WHEN you add baking soda to apple cider vinegar at pH = 7, the Oxidation Potential Meter often reads about -175 millivolts, which means it PROVIDES excess electrons to your body and hence, an antioxidant. If you even bother to buy yourself an electronic Oxidation Reduction Potential Meter then you will realize that EVERYTHING is wrong with the foods you eat, and we are then left to the ivory scientist to be our seeing eye dog, which is not necessarily impartial since they are financially supported by the pharmaceuticals. If you have time to go on a vacation, try to measure the antioxidant levels using the Oxidation Reduction Potential meters in various sacred healing springs throughout the world. Nature never kept it a secret, she is always available for you look. Quite often these sacred healing springs have a negative OXIDATION reduction potentials of over -100 to -500 millivolt. It is now possible to create the miracle healing water straight from your kitchen from either a simple lemon or apple cider vinegar and add them with baking soda. We simply ignore a lot of natural wisdom.