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Dental Enamel

Posted by Anonymous on 09/05/2007

Hello, I'm writing to ask you about drinking ACV. It had been staining up my enamel real good, I read your recipe for mixing it with baking soda and I've done that. The things is I read a book called folk medicine by a 60's doctor who loves ACV, cant get enough of it for anything, but he says the acidic element is integral to it's beneficial effects. He says it helps restore us to an acid reaction and that over alkalinity goes hand in hand with sickness. If I'm mixing baking soda in it's neutralising the acid, which apparently halves the goodness, if I dont it rots my teeth, what do you think? he says to mix ACV and honey.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Using ACV whenever it is acid, will cause staining ofthe teeth cas the acid eats up the enamel whichprotects discoloration. The body needs suficientbicarbonates and an easy way to prove it is that theurine pH should be neutral at the very least at pH of7. If the body has insufficient alkalinity, the urinepH becomes acid. Usually taking apple cider vinegarwill result in short term alkalinity, but whenever thebody becomes depleted of bicarbonates, the urine pHbecomes acid, and the pH of most people urine isusually below 6.5, indicating lack of bicarbonates oralkalinity. I get complaints of people using eitherACV or ACV with honey all the time, however, bakingsoda or "bicarbonates" plays a prominent role in thebody's physiology in buffering the pH which not onlyprotects the teeth, it also prevents the body fromdepleted bicarbonate resulting in acidity whichreduces the body's immunity as most bacteria andfungus grows in acidity. The body alkalizes itselfnecessary to protect against invading bacteria andviruses and if the body cannot raise the alkalinityenough, then the body gets infected, gets cold, oreven candida much easier than a person who can raisealkalinity whenever there is an attack of the viruses.Therefore bicarbonates is used by the body and storedby the body whenever invading viruses comes to bay. I would therefore not use acv plus honey or acv aloneand prefer a more neutral solution with sufficientamount of bicarbonates, closer preferably to the pH ofour own blood which is 7.35. However the hugedifferences in ACV acidity versus the blood's own pH,might create problems where it creates unnecessarystress in neutralizing the acidity of the apple cidervinegar.

Replied by Frank
Spring Hill, Florida

I've read that using a straw when drinking ACV (with water) eliminates or minimizes contact with the teeth. Makes sense to me. Also adding baking soda as Ted suggests will certainly help. Do both and you probably won't have to worry.

I have bouts of sinusitis throught the year and after reading the info on this site, I'm going to try the ACV treatment. Hope it works!