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Ph Effect of ACV

Posted by P (California) on 12/13/2007

On your ACV page there are some paragraphs that claim that ACV is alkaline and therefore makes the body more alkaline...but then later on down the page, another paragraph says that it causes the digestive tract to become more acidic and less alkaline. Which is it?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear P: Apple cider vinegar is generally acid, but in some cases it is alkaline depending on the body's available bicarbonates to neutralize them.

Most people who are sick or taking ACV for long lenght of time may not have sufficient available bicarbonates to neutralize all of the acid and hence will cause them to be acidic.

This is the major reason why baking soda is added to a pH of 7 or 7.5 to resolve the problem of alkalinity without sometimes acid and sometimes alkaline, depending on body's available bicarbonates level, which are self limiting.

If you want to know with any certainty whether apple cider vinegar, is alkaline or acid, I would get an electronic pocket pH and measure before and them after an hour or two after ingestion of apple cider vinegar. Chances are most people will show up acid urine.

It should be noted that alcoholics and people who eat dried fruits have a real metabolic acidosis and apple cider vinegar will not be helpful, but baking soda plus vitamin B1 thiamine will resolve this. A serious metabolic acidosis and sugar levels will rise with taking of aspartame, at least it did for me and took me two weeks to tame it. Apparently the aspartame degrades into methanol alcohol which causes the metabolic acidosis and I had to take not just baking soda and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, but also thiamine vitamin B1, just to get my urinary sugar and metabolic acidosis to normal again. Long term acidosis from alcohol for example leads to heart attack as it destroys the thiamine B1 (dried fruits contain sulfites and destroys it too). The comedian Paul Lynde who was in Hollywood Square had a heart attack and the his heart looked like an 80 year old man, which came from his dieting of weight watchers(which reduces vitamin levels as he did not supplement them) and his alcoholism. He would not have died at age 55, he just had taken 100 mg of thiamine, vitamin B1. Although, baking soda and apple cider vinegar would have helped with metabolic acidosis which 15% of obese people with weight problem, actually came from the thiamine deficiency. Personally I suspect, the other cause came from estrogen female hormone Bisphenol A, which is found in virtually every canned foods (tomato sauce, green peas, colas, etc.) that tends to breakdown under acid condition. Canned foods estrogen tends to cause obesity and diabetes by the virtue of being excessive estrogen, especially around the waste area. So controlling calories to loose weight is not all the answer. It may have come from environmental toxins