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Apple Cider Vinegar As a Rinse

Posted by Judi A on 04/01/2008

Ted, I've read a number of comments and questions on the Natural Cures website about using ACV on dandruff and ichy scalp. (I had been using a specialty shampoo (imported) that my hairdresser sold, but they've change the formula and'the new formula isn't working.) Is there a particular way one should use ACV as a rinse? I've seen both before and after shampooing; leaving it on before shampoo for varioius lengths of time; diluting or not diluting; mixing with baking soda or other things. I'm confused. This is a pretty agressive problem and my scalp has been itching so badly for the last week or two that I seriously want to scream. I like what I've read, but I need some "how to" information. Thanks for any help you can provide

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The ACV remedy or even a white distilled vinegar remedy is for mild dandruff condition. For a more chronic problems of dandruff, it's commonly caused by a manganese deficiency and some evening primrose is needed. This generally will reduce the dandruff problems. I prefer to use a borax as a shampoo more than anything else since part of the dandruff problem is the fungus. The manganese I used is manganese sulfate, 25-50 mg. taken usually 2-3 days out of a week and once the condition is reduced, will take only a couple of weeks, it is then discontinued. As for the supportive evening primrose oil, it's usually 250 mg/day for 3 days out of a week. Further supplementation of manganese is possible such as soy milk, as it is high in manganese are also helpful. Other helpful remedies include, selenium yeast supplements, and vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin C. The selenium is antifungal. The vitamin C is an antioxidant, but interestingly has certain antifungal properties, which reduces the dandruff, especially with the itching. Since fungus is often metabolic acidosis as it grows on scalp whenever the scalp is oily (if it is), then zinc gluconate 50 mg maybe needed to cause the lowering of oily scalp. Metabolic acidosis causes capillaries to be constricted, so taking alkalizing remedies such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda a day taken twice a day is helpful. In case sun exposure is reduced, and if the person has dark skin, I remember one Indian, living in England of reduced dandruff, just increasing vitamin D2 or D3 through taking plenty of cod liver oils, such as 15-20 small softgels a day, where each of the cod liver oil softgels are about 250 mg each. It was taken for a couple of week, plus perhaps soaking borax, un rinsed, kept overnight before rinsing, which has a tendency to kill the fungus, if applied only a couple of days a week, such as 2-3 days a week. If it's all too complicated, then I would just take 25-50 mg of manganese sulfate (or manganese gluconate), plus some evening primrose oil, and just drink soy milk. Those three things has helped the most. If not, eliminating fluoride, aspartame, chlorine, white bread, vegetable oils, margarine, and white flour are the other things that seem to cause a lot of problem.

Replied by Rosethorne66
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Ted, Just a quick question regarding the Manganese, does it have to be Manganese Sulphate or will Chelated Manganese work just as well? Any help is much appreciated.

Kind Regards, Amra