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I use Aloe vera once every 2 weeks, how many times do I use Tea Tree Oil on my head?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Only with aloe vera oil you do it once every two weeks. For tea tree you do it every time you wash your head with apple cider vinegar, etc. You apply tea tree before you sleep. Tea tree has to be on the scalp the whole night. If some is still there in the morning, you need to wash it off the following morning.

Again, this is the only remedy that seems to work. If you are STILL having problems, then fulvic acid is another solution.

Try to change the location of bed or get electric clocks and radio, tv away from your bed. It seems that Electromagnetic Radiation, suppresses your immune system while you sleep. In agriculture (at least when I do planting) many a sensitive gaussmeter is needed so that plants are not disturbed by the radiation. If it is, the plants' growth are stunted with fungus, etc. Imagine us humans when we do it!

Try drinking water pretreated with one drop of sodium thiosulfate solution (the dechlorinator with that sulfur smell) you get from aquarium pet shop. Chlorinated water seems to make conditions of SD worse. I always add dechlorinator to all my drinking water. Chlorine suppresses the immune system.