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Posted by Marcus (Madrid, Spain) on 06/24/2006

Ted, many thanks for your quick reply and advice. I will certainly give all of this a try and let you know how I get on. In fact I've already got hold of some cod liver oil tablets. I just have a few brief questions in reponse to what you've told me. Firstly, I had given the ACV-hydrogen peroxide-tea tree oil treatment a go before you mentioned that mine was not a fungus issue. After shampooing the following morning with some anti-dandruff shampoo my scalp seemed very red indeed (I haven't got much hair unfortunately) and the redness persisted for several days. In fact, whenever I shampoo the scalp looks more irritated. Could washing my hair actually be counter productive or is just natural for the scalp to look a bit redder after massaging it etc? With what you're telling me about mine being a vitamin defficiency issue etc, I'm wondering just what shampoos, if any, are going to be that beneficial for me, and whether washing my hair on a daily basis might be too much. Also, for now, apart from what you're told me about increasing my vitamin D intake, are there are foods I should avoid in my diet? Thanks again. Marcus

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Marcus: The problem with most shampoo that I tested is that they all seem to cause irritation. Part of the problem could be due to the dioxin found in shampoo as well as aldehyde contents found in shampoo that cause the redness. There is also a problematic issue about sodium lauryl sulfate (or other such as sodium laureth sulfate) used in shampoo that seems to cause skin's ability to absorb toxins which is responsible for the redness.

The best solution is simply to use cheap unscented soap as they are usually free of sodium laureth sulfate, such as baby soap, or unscented baby soap. In fact scientists now use the same ingredient we use in shampoo to destroy skin cells or cause skin to absorb toxins or perhaps used this to absorb vaccinations using the same solution without the need for injections. There is studies to show that skin cellular structures changed (not for the better) when it is exposed to the same chemicals.

Washing the hair is counter productive which causes the redness. You don't get redder skin from use of unscented soap or non-shampoo products. In fact it has been recommended by Edgar Cayce about 80 years ago that we should not use shampoo at all. I agree, because sodium lauryl sulfate seems to cause abnormalities in skin cells and this may cause you to lose hair, if not cause fungus, or a lot of other problems.

Definitely take more vitamin D and certain foods to avoid are obviously sweets, especially fruit juices, soda pop, bakery products, cookies, candies, etc. This is the most obvious ones. The other, although less obvious seems to cause the same problem, such as all fried foods, foods with lots of vegetable oils, which includes salad dressings. Saturated fats for me are better than unsaturated ones, since these don't get into the blood stream and mess up your hormone systems, and create liver problems. Scientists in fact can reduce your hormones (e.g. growth hormone) just by increasing the amounts of vegetable oils in your diets. They seem to block the actions of any hormones in your body, including sex hormones, as well as insulin and other things. Simply put, it messes up everything.

The best approach is to avoid oily foods and take more fat emulsifiers, such as granulated lecithin. Pectin prevents absorption of fats also, which the real reason why blood sugar levels are reduce since, less fats are blocking the actions of insulin.

Daily shampooing is not beneficial. You can use just plain water and use soap, but never shampoo. Ted