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Posted by Anonymous

I followed your instructions by using Apple cider vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide. This was left on head for 10 minutes then rinsed. Then before sleeping I used a lot of tree tea oil on head and rapped with towel.

Today my head seems clear, but I am trying not to be too happy, as before I thought I have found the answer, and many times I lost. It's only one day. Tonight and tommorow I will again use tree tea oil before sleep. The tree tea was ok and did not irritate my scalp. I have ordered Aloa Vera lotion and will use this maybe in 4 days time when it arrives.

So far things seem better but not sure, maybe too early yet. Little afraid as nothing has worked before.

I also did some reading on the body's PH level, and you are correct the body should not be below 6.4, ideally at 7.0.

Only confusion for me is that Bicarbonate soda helps the body to be more alkaline, however many web sited say that BS kills hydrocloric acid which is supposed to be better for fighting candida in stomach. Some web sites say that If you have candida antacids(Bicarbonate soda) are really bad for you? Other say a more alkaline body fights candida. I am really confused, please can you help on this.

I also read Apple cider vinegar make body more alkaline. I will test my PH and let you know what readings I get.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The reason I used this method is simple: many of the raw materials are available and it works well and lasts much longer.

Since I have been using sodium bicarbonate for about 30 years, since I was very young, I have a long experience of this product. I also studied biochemistry during by bachelor's degree days in college and found it was more important than I realized. A lot of biochemical reactions constantly use bicarbonates, which can be only be available from our diets - but our diets are lacking.

First, whenever you drink liquids or water, the stomach acids are reduced before you begin with. Second, sodium bicarbonates are absorbed in the intestines. The body needs bicarbonates requirement everyday especially if your urinary pH is at 5.5. For me, I need about 3-5 grams/day as dietary bicarbonate FOR ME is always insufficient. There is actually a dietary requirement for sodium bicarbonates.

Secondly, bicarbonates has no effect on HCl stomach. The stomach only produces HCl whenever it needs to digest food. The acidity HCl in your stomach is not always the same. So if you drink just water, or baking soda the stomach HCl acid is reduced before you drink it and most of the water/baking soda is absorbed by your intestines. This fact is known for about 150 years with a physician surgeon who studied a patient of his that got his stomach blown open, allowing him the opportunity to observed directly the stomach acids. If you want to increase the stomach acid you need chloride rich foods. For me I obtain them from Magnesium Chloride.

If the body has "optimal level" (slightly alkaline) blood the ability absorbed CO2 is reduced. If the body is slightly acid, CO2 (carbon dioxide is increases) and this results in carbonic acids. So when sodium bicarbonate is added (for example soda water) CO2 is expelled. Now with LESS CO2, Candida albicans cannot grow.

The medication that I have recommended is quite strong, and should be effective. However, I am missing the lavender in the ingredient. (So if you want a better performing formula to the tea tree oil) add some lavender, if you can find it in your area of course. Since my approach is holistic, your dietary foods such as onions and garlic are important. Eating them has been a historically used for SD. You need sulfur diets (partially cooked eggs, onions (from disulfide) and garlic. Traditionally onions and garlic has been used for fungus infections. Have you noticed why fungus do not grow on onions and garlic despite the fact that onions and garlic bulds are grown under ground making them ideal for fungus growth?

Reduce sugar intake (mostly coming from beer, cola and tea) will really help reduce candida problems. Collidal silver is also helpful as well as H2O2 therapy.

Most of Western medicine tries different one shot bullet approach and look at treatment for the symptoms kill off. I looked from an opposite way using many combined methods but treating the cause.