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Posted by Ashley

Hi, I have sebhorreic dermatitis and I just began the apple cider vinegar remedy for my scalp...I've done it twice within three days and I just started dabbing lavendar and tea tree oils on troublesome hot spots...I'm just wondering how long it should take for this godawful skin condition to clear up. It's as though my scalp gets gooey and peels off sometimes and is unbearably itchy but I'm able to withstand the burning from the cider and oils. I just was wondering how often and when should I apply these and for how long? My hair is also really thinning. My holistic MD says I have high insulin and cortisol levels, but I'm a thin girl...he also put me on "Thyroid (Armour)" because he says my levels could be higher. I'm just wondering why my hair is thinning so much also. Any help would be immensely appreciated!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The remedy is designed to solved people whose skin condition cause is due to a fungus/parasite rather than hormonal issues. So this remedy may not work. For people whose condition is hormonal cause, I suggest you try DHEA, pregnenolone, licorice extract and as you mentioned thyroid extract. Licorice extract is an interesting one in fact, it is a cortisol like hormone, if your body have too much of it taking it will reduce the excess cortisone in your body. If your body has too little of it, it will increase the cortisone in your body.

The other is DHEA, which is an interesting one altogether, I sometimes call the mother of all hormones, since this will chiefly bring all your hormones together and put them in balance, basically.When taken together DHEA and licorice extract will solve the adrenal exhaustion problem (women seems to have it at aged 30 - 32 for some reason), then afterwards they either get too skinny or too fat. As to your hair thinning problem and skin problem, let us go one by one. Hair thinning can best resolve taking silica rich foods, such as oatmeal and horsetail. Taking some vitamin C will help too. Gingko extract will increase the circulation of your scalp and so will zinc supplements. As to your skin conditions, taking licorice extract and perhaps applying for a couple of minutes (10 minutes) to the scalp before rinsing might work if cortisone imbalance is the issue.