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Posted by Simon (London, UK) on 02/08/2006

I have bought some hydrogen peroxide that says 3% on the label, do i still need to dilute with water?it says in earlier paragraph to mix 1 tablespoon of peroxide,with 1 tablespoon of acv,with 10 parts water,this sounds very weak as 3% isn't very strong,what would you suggest for correct mixture,i only want enough to fill a small squirt bottle 3 fl.oz. in size,any help appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Of course all my formulas are weak when I post it publicly. Some people are quite sensitive and the formula has been made intentionally weak so that I don't get too many complaints from accidental uses or skin sensitive people. It is your duty to adjust the formula that best suits your condition if you think it is weak. However this is your starting formula and when you feel it is strong or weak you just adjust it accordingly.