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Safe to Use ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide on a Daily Basis?

Posted by John (Montreal, Quebec) on 03/07/2006

I've had seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff for over 14 years. I tried the hydrogen peroxide/ACV combination prescribed and it took about 3 applications before I noticed almost all of the flakes were gone (I didn't use tea tree oil as I find this to be very expensive, however I did try to use a shampoo that contains tea tree oil and other natural ingredients). The redness on my scalp seemed to go down quite a bit. However, the redness on my eyebrows didn't go down and it continued to be very red and itchy. I decided to not use the ACV on the fourth day and the scalp dandruff came back. So I tried the ACV again on the 5th day and it reduced but it took the 6th day application before the flakes disappeared. I skipped the ACV on the 7th day and the flakes came back. The eighth and ninth days I used acv again, but it seems to be less effective in getting rid of the flakes. I am on the 10th day and I can still see a lot of flakes. My diet was not very good in the last few days, so perhaps this contributed to the results I'm seeing. Also, I started off using a natural shampoo with tea tree oil in it, but then had to revert back to my regular shampoo as it was causing too much itchiness. How safe is it to use ACV and hydrogen peroxide continuously on a daily basis? Will the fungus be able to adapt to this mixture and eventually be able to resist it? Also, I was wondering if the fungus can also thrive on pillows and towels and so reinfect someone who uses these after he cures himself with the acv mixture? I'm guessing that in spite of the initial success, this remedy will not work be a long-term cure for me and I will have to look at internal remedies. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dandruff is caused by fungus issues as well as a vitamin A and vitamin D deficiency. The recommendation was based on resolving fungus problems which will take many continuous applications to rid of the dandruff entirely. It is the same thing with nail fungus, they are hard to rid of. Taking cod liver oil of one tablespoon per day will reduce the dandruff issues also as well as taking some salmon oil and other fish oils regularly. These will relieve the scalp from drying too. I have seen people cured of dandruff, as long as tea tree, lavender, ACV and H2O2 is used over long term about a month or so of regularly use. However, you need to take salmon, fish oil and cod liver oil to get it controlled. It is necessary that you avoid all fried foods and vegetable oils and replace these with the use of coconut (unhydrogenated) oil or the use of good old fashion lard instead.

Pillows and others will caused reinfection so it is necessary to launder them regularly using borax and other detergents that uses sodium percarbonate or sodium perborate too. Most chlorinated bleach will also be ideal to rid of fungus. Carpets are also the main source of fungus and molds and therefore require cleaning or removal of them through the use of hydrogen peroxide to rid of them.

The regular use of ACV, H2O2 will not cause fungus to be resistant and it will in no way develop any resistance to them. Just regular use is of an extreme necessity